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He is a misogynist.

He said in an interview with Attitude that he feels sorry for straight men because *women don't like sex *and will only have it with a man in order to have a romantic relationship with him.

Oh, and the only way they'd have sex like gay people do (which is apparently shagging strangers in a bush?) is if they're paid for it. Supposedly this is evidence that women are asexual.

He is one of the smartest people around and he said this bull.

Why would women want to couple up with a man they didn't want to have sex with? That's called a friendship. The dehumanisation...

The article says he actually said 'trans and intersex friends are upset'. He loses credibility right there. Intersex is a rare condition but Fry claims he has multiple intersex friends??

How rare is it to have ONE 1) intersex friend 2) who knows they're intersex 3) tells you that they're intersex

let alone multiple?

My husband knows one person who claimed to have Klinefelter syndrome, but also eventually declared himself trans, so who knows.

I learned all about intersex conditions in college psychology classes, but have never to my knowledge met someone who is actually intersex. They are vanishingly rare, and most intersex conditions render the individual sterile, thus being a disorder of the human species, not some kind of new or better form.

I must be weird, I've known two intersex people IRL. One Klinefelters and one Turner's.

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Actual “intersex” conditions are very rare, but TIMs with a fetish for pretending they are intersex are common. He must know some of the latter.

I knew a TIM who claimed he'd been to the doctor and been told he had ovaries inside. He was the absolute worst.

I’ve known one intersex person in over fifty years of life. And that was when I was a child. I doubt that the average person has known any. It is rare and tragic. One of my peaks was the TRAs using people with DSDs as a Trojan horse. It infuriated me.

I've been a nurse for twenty five years and never had an intersex patient.

This is rare. I think it is unusual that I’ve known even one person with a DSD.

Probably most people have known somebody with a congenital DSD, but it doesn't often come up socially and it's not like you can tell by looking most of the time.

Stephen's many "intersex" friends are most likely self-diagnosed TIPs.

In this case it was visible. Friend of my mom’s and mom explained so that I wouldn’t say anything embarrassing. Even at 11 once my mom explained I could see the tragedy of it. Nice person even though people weren’t kind to her. She was nice to me and I have a vivid memory of her introducing me to The Haunting on the afternoon movie one day after school. She is both why I was originally in the be nice camp and why I eventually became GC. The Cotton Ceiling was the final straw. Because TRAs don’t actually care about the people that tragedy has actually befallen. It’s all just grist for the mill of their fetish.

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I know OF one and there were whispers about the sibling of a friend, who had a very different body type than her sisters and who would have been born in the days when a male with odd genitalia would have been raised as a girl. But that means nothing.

Well, apparently women with PCOS are being called intersex now, so...

Wait, what, how are cysts on my ovaries making me intersex, do they think the cysts are tiny ballsacks or something? 🤣 Or (and that would truly be f up) they believe because women with pcos are less likely to be able to conceive it makes us intersex.

Unfortunately googled the answer and came up with a 4min shitshow video. Featuring catchphrases such as

  • "Intersex is not a medical term"

  • "if you dare to research this you will find lists made by medics from ivory towers [DO NOT QUESTION ME, I HAVE PINK HAIR, LISTEN TO ME]"

  • "100% white supremacy and eugenics. dunno y check links in bio"[2-non-insta/fb links have 0 mentions of eugenics or supremacy]

TL;DR because some women with pcos have abnormal hair growth and society deems it gross and treat them as gross therefore they are intersex. But you can totally opt in and out because umbrellas n shit

It’s part of their mission to exclude some women from the definition of “woman” so we’re forced to stop defining “woman.” If a woman is someone who provides an ova, well, women with PCOS or other reproductive issues aren’t women because they have a disorder that interferes with their ability to ovulate and get pregnant, so they insist we can’t define women that way. They know the difference between “of the sex that ovulates” and “actually ovulates,” but they can’t exclude women from womanhood if they admit that Because they have no problem invalidating other women’s womanhood while simultaneously demanding we validate theirs.

I thought it's because women with PCOS have increased testorone levels (of course, nowhere close to even low male levels...). But apparently some of the TRA "reasons" make even less sense.

I heard that 🙄 they’re really trying to blur the lines now.

Some TIPs are claiming that trans is intersex of the brain.

Sometimes I wish people would stop equating the brain, an organ, with the MIND, something we still don't understand apart from how we definitely have one and sometimes it messes with us and sometimes that is because our bodies are playing up. Not necessarily our brains, either. UTIs can really do a number on your concepts of reality.

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For a wearying amount of men, the idea that women might also have dignity and rights worth considering never seems to occur to them. Like how many men play dumb when it comes to degrading behavior towards women that they'd be outraged about if directed towards themselves; because to them, women don't have any pride to wound, any respect to lose, any self worth to break down. Those things are for men.

Mr. Stephen Fry, who will never read this: your trans friends subscribe to an ideology that demands women fawn over them while they dress as and act out offensive caricatures of us, as a very male idea of what we are, that we pretend that they're both the same and better, that our needs be placed on the backburner to their feelings (making us defacto second class citizens in this setup), that we deny the reality we can see in front of our own eyes in order to cede the narrative to what they would wish to be true, that we welcome their invasiveness, that we strip in front of them, be touched by them during intensely private intimate care, and invite them into our beds no matter how unattractive or outright repulsive they are to us. Your friends are deeply upset because they're entitled. Women don't owe them what they demand from us. What they demand from us is active, enthusiastic participation in their subjugation of us, in their misogyny, in their utter contempt for our rights and dignity.

This. I wonder if he bothered to have a conversation with Rowling before he opened his ignorant mouth?

'I would...wish them both to retreat, and to consider that it is possible for trans people to live full, accepted lives, according to their terms, in society, and for women to have all the rights and dignities that they demand.'

Yeeaah clearly he didn’t. For someone who supposedly has both trans friends and “TERF” friends that is one idiotic statement. According to TRA’s terms he should be fine with dating TIFs. Also in what world is it possible for women to have “all the rights and dignities that they demand”? Not a world in which men exist, that’s for sure. Women in Afghanistan don’t even have the right to go to the fucking park. But sure Stephen, please do go on about “trans rights”🙄

He's wishing for a magical everyone wins solution, and there isn't one, and he doesn't have enough personal skin in the game to have to actually look at the practicalities or live by them (in this case, meaning he hasn't had to experience first hand that our rights and dignities are fundamentally not respected by this lot, whose ideology is fundamentally about bulldozing over those things while chasing their fantasies, so they are inherently in direct conflict). Much the same way that men are often pretty bad at gauging how women 'should' handle a situation, because many don't ever really empathize with us enough to mentally put themselves in our shoes and imagine what that would be like even just for them to experience being on the other side of the rules they lay out, much less factor in the ways in which women's experiences are different than their own.

Also irritated that women having rights and dignities is something he's treating as on equal footing as his TIP friends' desire to play pretend at other people's expense "according to their terms." Age old practice of women's rights being trivialized, treated as just somehow lesser than human/civil rights are viewed when men have their own at stake in it.

He clearly doesn’t know J.K. Rowling’s position because she has been clear that she doesn’t want the trans community to suffer. She’s just rightly stating that their dignity should NOT come at the expense of women’s. “Trans” people can live a fine life, like any religious group or mentally ill group. They just want to take from women’s lives to do so, and no group gets to do that.

This man literally was chased off of twitter because his book talked about how women didn't have the same sexuality as gay men because gay men would go fuck in public in the park and liberal feminists went YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT OUR AMAZING SEXUALITIES (which was completely ridiculous and facetious and, imo, a perfectly reasonable reason to leave twitter and the public sphere because being berated by randos about things they don't understand is fucking annoying).

and now he's met with his male friends in dresses and they went "JKR doesn't know anything about us and she wants us all to die" and he went "hmm yes. that seems factual and doesn't require any looking into whatsoever."

thank god sandi toksvig is the queen of QI now lmao.

[–] Riothamus scrote 2 points

"hmm yes. that seems factual and doesn't require any looking into whatsoever."

Did anyone else read this in General Melchett's voice?

This guy is such an pompous ass. I don’t get why people seem to love him so much.

Fry said: 'I would love to see that. But it isn't possible if each side looks on the other as an enemy, and the trans people just shout 'TERF' and the feminists just [...] seem to undermine the dignity and rights of the trans community.'

Right… because trans people aren’t undermining the dignity and rights of women everywhere they fucking go. Calling a man a man is somehow worse than threatening/harassing/beating/raping/killing women, invading female-only spaces, prisons, sports etc. They don’t just shout TERF ffs. I guess he hasn’t seen the footage where these dignified moids spit in women’s faces, throw punches and accuse babies of being fascists.

This guy is such an pompous ass. I don’t get why people seem to love him so much.

Are you British? I swear all it takes to become a national treasure here is to be ugly and have a posh voice.

the feminists just [...] seem to undermine the dignity and rights of the trans community.'

I mean….the situation is actually in reverse, the rights and dignity of women are being undermined.

No woman is telling trans people they can’t have rights or dignity, they’re just saying no you can’t have our spaces which we need to preserve our dignity. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Men just perceive it as wrong because they cannot compute women saying no.

This situation really frustrates me. We did not start this, we didn’t go out actively deciding to hate on people because we disagree with their existence. They demanded priority access to our sports, prisons, toilets, changing rooms, our healthcare, our words, our pain (feigning periods and PMS). All we have done here is drawn a line and said no, we do not consent to this and people paint it as this massive irrational issue that women have against trans people.

[–] SecondSkin 10 points Edited

I 100% agree.

However, even if women were undermining ‘trans’ rights by prioritising our rights, we have every right to do so.

Unlike the thought terminating cliche, rights are actually a lot like pie. Many many rights do conflict. This is literally why we have human rights courts, to decide which right takes precedent. And given women and girls are 51% of the population and vulnerable because of both systemic and literal physical power men hold over us, as well as further disadvantaged by the realities of biology (even if the patriarchal hierarchy was dismantled and men stopped physically harming us and sex role socialisation ceased to exist, child birth and so on will always leave us at risk in a way that isn’t escapable), we have every fucking right to fight for our rights to be prioritised. Women are allowed to prioritise women🤷🏼‍♀️

I loath the rights like pie bullshit. Rights are exactly like fucking pie and I am will not give up my piece on demand.

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Someone described him as a stupid man’s clever man once.

And I think it’s quite apt.

People like him because liking him lets them feel clever while laughing at his performance of a toffee-nosed-Etonian-boffin.

And us Brits treat ripping upper crust types as a national sport. To many, SF appears to personify this class the same way BJ does.

The difference being SF parades this parody to hide his stupidity and BJ (however utterly vile in every way) parades this parody to hide his intelligence. Because he’s actually a skilled politician, who pretends to be inept (right down to the carefully crafted details like fluff-of-dead-Guinea-pig-wig-looking hair-do) to ensure others underestimate him. So he can use this to his advantage. While he’s fucked our country he’s done it very intentionally, to benefit his dick scratching cronies Smithering away increasing profits while the rest of us drown. And he’s benefited them because they prop up his power hungry mini dick, because no matter how much he scratches mini bj it remains limpy limp until his cronies give him power props to elevate it.

SF is not this intelligent.

He does not have the BJ skills to get power props to his mini limpy. So he has to fall back on the stupid men giving his ego a power prop and so he takes aim at women as pay back. Because it’s women’s fault men don’t like limpy mini sf and women’s fault these men will only ever ego suck for him.


So basically, he really is the character he played in Cold Comfort Farm. The one who kept asking, "Do women have souls?"

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 2 points

I was just thinking he really is Mr Mybug! Not even clever enough to be Charles from In the Red.

We're upset too Stephen that our sex based rights are being obliterated over nothing but a say so, and that homosexuality is being redefined such that it becomes non-existent.

I don't know if they're still together but Fry and his younger husband basically modelled themselves on Oscar Wilde and Bosie for their wedding and I cannot believe that a man who played Wilde in a movie about his life could possibly think theirs was a relationship to emulate. It was so incredibly toxic. The toxicity had nothing to do with the attitudes of the time, either.

Ever since then I have side eyed him.

I don't like this era where minor public figures are expected to make statements on issues they know fuck all about. Who fucking cares what Stephen Fry, old hat comedian and professional posho, thinks about transgender ideology? These days people behave like anyone remotely in the public eye has to release a press statement about every issue in the news, or their 'silence is violence'. We need to know that they boycott the dairy industry and which party they vote for and about how affected they were when their friend got raped. They all needed to issue a statement saying Covid was bad, whether they were a siren on Coronation Street, or someone from a boyband in 1986.

Who fucking cares? This demand for idiots to constantly be accountable to other idiots is so tiring. I miss privacy.

This is it, right here. I'm not even mad at Fry, I'm mad at whoever in the British press thinks they have to report his wine-bar wisdom like he's the actual second coming of Oscar Wilde.

His trans friend is probably Eddie Izzard and his intersex friend some dude with a micro penis who can be counted upon to be “deeply upset” when his friends ask him for a reaction.

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I'll put money on Fry knowing Rebecca Root, a TIM actor who consistently takes female roles from middle-aged women and who's friends with Emma Thompson who has also shown her ass on this issue. They probably simp for Root because he's pathetic, but defending one's sadsack friend does not a civil rights movement make.

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