This is everywhere now and it's ridiculous. Incorrect stats are being repeated casually - stuff like "x% of parents will experience depression" when the stat is really for "new mothers" and does not include fathers. It drives me insane.

I started to read a cosmo article about female anatomy, when they immediately went from women, to "people with vaginas" then the dehumanizing "vagina-havers" I was so disgusted I just clicked right out.

That anatomy table is a hot mess. Holy shit.


I don't have an issue with those terms being used for gender diverse people in a specific situation between them (or a group of them) and their medical care providers.

I do reject these terms being applied to all people - men and women - instead of long accepted, long understood scientific and medical terms.

Great essay!

"if being a trans-inclusive feminist means re-embracing classic female self-negation to make biological men happy (didn’t we all agree this was bad decades ago?), then I’ll gladly trade in my feminist card so long as I can stop pretending that Lia Thomas is a feminist hero."

Article subheading: After lugging around two fetuses that won’t stop kicking my bladder, I have no patience left for gender activists who pretend that men can give birth.

I submitted this and then quickly deleted because I realized the article is behind a paywall. Resubmitted with archive link. FWIW, I think it's worth subscribing to Quillette if it's in your budget. There is a lot of gender critical content on there and I think that the writing, for the most part, is excellent.