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This is a point that I keep bringing up. If adults at the school discover that a child is cutting or has an eating disorder or a drug problem in any other number of ways suspects a child is hurting themself or in danger of suicide, they will tell the parents. But when it comes to being trans,and supposedly being at this incredibly increased risk of suicide, the parent hears NOTHING. And the parents hears nothing because the PARENT might hurt the child. In ANY other situation, where the school believes the parent (or any adult) is a threat to the child, they are mandated by law to report to the proper authorities. (At least this is the case in the US - I can't say if this is the case all over but in the US it is the case and schools do keep transgender identities secret from the parents) So here we have a case the child is both at increased risk of suicide and at increased risk of violence at home, but NONE of the normal channels of communication that are used in such situatiuons are being used.

"It's our secret. Your parents are losers, they don't need to know. I'm the only one that understands and can keep you safe."

And knowing everything we know about child and adolescent psychology... we're not supposed to realize that this whole fuck you to the parents, this secret identity, isn't part of what makes the whole thing hugely appealing????

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Thank fucking finally.

And it’s great that she’s strongly disagreeing with Stonewall and the article is clear OFSTED cut ties with SW.

It makes it even more obvious where the direction the DfE guidance is going. Which already seemed obvious after the RSE update, Cass review, SB speech and Rowes case. But this makes it look more certain.

DfE really really need to hurry the fuck up. They started this mess, they need to end it safely. If kids didn’t hear about gender and stereotypical bull crap in school they wouldn’t jump to identify as not themselves, if schools safeguarded children from this contagion, then they’d never end up referred to tavi in the first place.

I disagree with her framing it as super complex and difficult and new as if headteachers are the vanguard. Safeguarding is not fucking rocket science and we have a huge education problem given so many didn’t see the problem or failed to safeguard children.

And Cates is fabulous as always




She really needs to become PM one day.

And oh my ducking gawd, schools week avoiding the issue as usual, fucking captured cowards