I feel for this guy. No one, no one deserves to be raped.

No they don’t and people should be able to speak out about their trauma to those closest to them without being chastised and shunned.

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Glad to see the comments are supportive. Shame on the TRAs who have made it impossible for the trans community to effectively police their own.

Same. I’m glad to see that some are aware that predators have infiltrated their community, but I unfortunately don’t think anything will be done until more of them get hurt by those very predators.

One of the major faults of our human condition is that too many people don’t believe that something bad is happening until they’re a victim of it themselves. Imagine how many people would be spared from heinous acts if humans just listened to each other instead of trying to rationalize things away to feel more comfortable.

This is very sad.

And probably not the last such incident that will happen.

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This is what being a woman is like...

This is what you wanted. This is the reality of womanhood sir.

What happens really sucks, but we real women experience that every single day. Most women are raped at some point in their lives. Most don't report. So the 1/5 figure is likely bullshit.

Being a woman in 2022 means getting raped and having people care more about the rapists than you.

Of course, they will be ostracized. This is how we got here - TRAs zealotry refuses to even consider safeguarding, women, and children just go under the wheels of the Be Kind tank.