I LOVE this comment: "So all trans women are women but not all women are trans women. So we are admitting they are different."


I just love seeing normies take the piss out of a big sports league for an obvious, money-grabbing virtue signal.

They got so much shit on twitter for this post I believe they blocked comments.

It's such a cynical thing to do, to post this now that it's safe and trendy. Gays and lesbians received no such support when they were, in many ways, actually fighting for their lives and basic human rights. I have so much bitterness towards the TQ+, and find it unbelievable that they really truly believe they are the "resistance".

It's about the NHL not the NFL. If NFL does this then you know there is big money in it lol. NHL fancies itself as the progressive good guy of sports.

Which is funny because hockey fans are not any more progressive than football fans.

Hockey players are no angels either. Especially considering all the things that have come out recently about Hockey Canada.

I don't think I could even fake something overly positive to any trans audience if I got famous and became a solid celebrity. I would be one of those celebrities that are eerily silent when a certain subject gets brought up.

I've just gone thru the NHL twitter feed and can't find it.

I'm guessing non-binary just got way too real for them.