Where are the hashtags, the armbands, the outrage, the shared horror that all over the world this is allowed to happen?

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No Femicide Remembrance Day for over 45,000 women killed?

Trans day of “We will never let you forget for one second that we are more important than women day” for what, 45 total or something like that?

I think they roll it all into november 25th which is the national day of prevention of violence against women, but I'd like to add i looked it up to double check and i see they've changed it to "gender based violence"

I'm going to have to take a break from ovarit today. I'm a survivor of domestic abuse, I almost died over and over at the hands of my abuser because he hated WOMEN, not my fucking gender. They can't let women have a single damn fucking thing anymore. The only people killing TIMS are their romantic partners and johns, they have entire months, weeks, and days dedicated to stopping their false epidemic of violence, but every year enough women are killed that if they all lived in my hometown the entire population would disappear.


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It is overwhelmingly discouraging. I take breaks, too, when it is just too much to read one more item that totally discounts the experience of being a woman.

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Good point! Where’s OUR day of remembrance? These statistics are staggering, worth the attention of all of us.( I mean men’s, too. )

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Thirty-two. Of the five TIFs, one was killed by her TIM partner, one was shot by the police during a mental health crisis, one was killed in a hit and run car accident, one was found dead after running away from a foster home and had a known medical condition, and one was shot in a hotel parking lot. So potentially one who was killed for being trans.

The list I was working from notably did not include the above mentioned TIM who killed his partner and brother before committing suicide.

Of the rest, I wonder how long it takes for 27 women to be killed in the US. Oh, wait, I looked it up. For women killed just by intimate partner violence alone, it would be less than two weeks. If we had a Femicide Day of Remembrance, would we have time to read all the names out loud?

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This isn't even all femicide or even all femicide in 2021. That horrific number is only including women and girls killed by their families, in 2021 alone.

Trans day of “We will never let you forget for one second that we are more important than women day” for what, 45 total or something like that?

It was 32 last year, I think. But if you check into the background, many were prostituting themselves on the streets. I remember an account of one such TIM (before last year) who was in and out of jail and got into a knife fight an evening or so before his demise. Of course, he went into the statistics as one of the “murdered transgender women” that year

I’d bet nearly 100% of these murders were by male family members.

All those sisters 💔 why does nobody care about violence against women?

Wow, if I'm not mistaken thats a 25%+ increase from last years 35000 reported deaths by known men. Un-fricken-real.

Where is all the posts and hashtags and law changes to stop this from happening to women and girls????

Not to bring up Trans for everything, but can someone do the math and compare the percentage of the population of women murdered vs trans people? I just have a sinking suspicion that you are way more likely to be murdered for being a woman than for being trans, even when we account for there being more women.

The other comment is on point, people have bent over backwards, moved heaven and earth or whatever metaphor you want to use to accommodate the requests of trans ideology and gender self-id. Where is the same level of outrage and concern for rampant and life-taking misogyny?

The painful tragedy I fear people like us on this website realize is that for most people this is business as usual, collateral damage, and acceptable losses. Acceptable losses is not in my vocabulary when it comes to living, breathing humans.

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38,824 people were killed in car crashes in 2020 in the US. The average American views this number as collateral damage for the 'necessity' of driving a car. They don't ever stop to think about it, or think how to change it, it's just something that happens. Ask an Amish person if they think that's acceptable damage. Our culture views women in much the same way as the car crash victims. It is sad, but it is due to something society considers necessary, somehow. This is why when we try to address the danger to women and girls with the TRAs, it falls on deaf ears. They know things will happen, but they believe it is necessary for progress. They don't care about the collateral damage. Just like driving a car was supposedly necessary for progress in the 20th century, self ID is apparently progress for the 21st century.

The problem with trans stats is that they almost always include both males and females.