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So Muslim and Christian people got together and rather than demand sex- based use, they tried to make a reasonable compromise by making a third space. They paid for it with their own money (essentially a donation to TRAs).

Aaaaand it wasn't good enough for the gender priests. This is about Accessing women and girls, at our most vulnerable moments. There is no compromise because the predators want access to us, they DON'T just want to pee!

In one instance, the lawsuit says a group of local Muslims donated money to the school district to build a gender-neutral bathroom adjacent to existing bathrooms so that transgender students could use that facility. The district built the bathroom but failed to inform the donors it would not require transgender students to use it, the lawsuit claims.

The local Muslim group did MORE than expected of them and still the TiPs aren't satisfied. Just shows how TiPs show scorn toward anyone who doesn't worship at their feet.

They should put a "women only" sign on the door of the gender neutral bathroom. It'll attract the TIMs like flies.

And Muslims are one of their pet causes until they don’t bow at their feet.

When it comes to Islam, TRAs are like "I can excuse misogyny and homophobia, but I draw the line at not allowing males to use women's bathroom".

I'll never understand this collective delusion that has the western world in its grip. 10 years ago this would have read as satire, now it's reality. I've read a few articles on here today and the only thing I feel is depressed and angry. Why is this even happening? What the fuck is a gender identity anyways? How many women and girls will pay in blood for some mentally ill people to supposedly feel safer? Where is the proof that it is safer for trans people? Wheres the proof its unsafe for trans people to use their sex based bathrooms? Why is any of this happening? I just want to scream and cry.

I kid you not. I was talking to a co-worker this week. Her husband is on their kid's school board here in town. She said the school has one TIF and one TIM that the board monitors. However, get this. The TIM only identifies as a girl when he's using the bathrooms or locker rooms! At all other times he identifies as a boy.

As far as I was able to gather the board is letting this happen, and are just "keeping an eye on the situation" whatever that means. How can anyone think this is ok, let alone an entire school board charged with safeguarding young girls just trying to attend school. This is insanity.

I debated even posting this, because it had occurred to me that this situation has the potential to be reported on, and then you all would know what city I live in, lol.

What?! So, they suspect he's a perv, because he is, but they're still playing the pronoun religion game?

I didn't talk to her about this kid's pronouns. Just that the board is allowing this boy to use the girl's bathrooms and locker rooms, even though he openly identifies as a boy in all contexts outside of using the bathroom or locker room.

This situation strikes me as being similar to the Ontario Woodshop teacher. The board KNOWS it's wrong. But everyone goes along with it anyway. One thing my co-worker mentioned, is that the board has considered the possibility that someone put this boy up to it. As in, "I dare you to identify as a girl every time you go to the bathroom." I mean, can't they just talk to the kid if they think that's what's going on?

I feel the same way. I am at a complete lost how in just a few year's time, people are collectively convinced that mixed-sex bathrooms is ok, and women are "bigots" for not wanting men with male bodies in female changing rooms and showers, or underaged boys and girls should bunk together in the same room on camps and school trips. The same people who were persuaded this is how things should be would've found the same things totally unacceptable just 5, 7 years ago. It's inexplicable to me how this happened.

It's also inexplicable to me how suddenly "trans" and any alphabet soup variation of such "identities" must be pushed at all cost. I cannot recall seeing such single-minded determination to push any cause this way. Not for black people who have historically been discriminated against for so long and so badly in the west, and arguably most deserving of any marginalized group. Not for the disabled. Not for immigrants. Not for the gays. It's mind boggling.

Not to mention how many people that belong to those disadvantaged groups compared to the small population of trans, and yet trans are the most centered, suddenly, for some reason…. 🙄

So much more actual, positive, change could be effected, towards so many more people, with just a fraction of the amount of money and resources being pooled into all this trans nonsense.

Dark money has funded and elevated the gender-specials, perverts, pedophiles, handmaidens (so many handmaidens!), misogynists, basement-dwellers and grifters so much, that one would think we are in an Invasion of the Bodysnatchers scenario. Trans-cult members are everywhere!

Good. Make this go through the courts.

Even if they change Title IX in the future, this happened under the current regulation.

I’m glad the parents are fighting back, but disheartened that up to now the only way to fight back seems to be via (another) religion. This may have unforeseen consequences.

Be that as it may be, but at least in the US. If the religious folks can push this through, it will benefit all women (and men too as many normie men aren't comfortable with having to share bathrooms with random stranger women/grandmas/little girls either TBH). If SCOTUS rules that single sex spaces must be preserved in public spaces for whatever reason, it would relieve a lot of our problems.

True! Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, and all that:-)

Okay, so if I tell my teacher I'll only go into bathrooms if they bend down and kiss my feet, and they refuse to kiss my feet, and I subsequently refuse to go the bathroom, is that their fault for making me hold my urine?

It's insane how society is bending to the whims of deranged teens.