That explains why terf island has so many shootings and bomb threats.

Why is this authoritarian idiot employed by the ACLU? Strangio is obsessed with forcing everyone to comply with what she wants.

There are limits to acceptable speech, but the NYT's merely reporting on issues in a not completely favorable light does not meet that limit.

Wasn't that like the only NYT article in the past 5 years that was even slightly critical of the cult?

Unfettered and unregulated access to GUNS lead to these shootings. Men have male pattern violence and some of them, when given a gun, will do awful things with it. If we could keep guns from most men, the US would be far, far safer.

[–] Lipsy i/just/can't 22 points

Is that "fixation" as in, "finally publishing more than zero articles containing some truth about trans medicalization"?

Oh god it’s Katie again. 🙄Predictable tripe. I hope the NYT and other mainstream publications that are finally breaking the silence about this don’t pay her any mind.

Disingenuous BS. She adds nothing to the conversation and Strangio is lying again about the prevalence of violence against trans people. She is really horrible.

[–] Eava 10 points

Being "trans" may be natural, in the sense that feeling a discongruence between your body and the way you perceive yourself based on your cultures sex roles is something that can occur naturally, but there is nothing natural about "gender affirming" medical treatment. A woman taking testosterone is not natural. Mastectomies are not natural. Turning a penis into a vagina is not natural.

All these shootings and bomb threats that lead to no anti-trans violence to commemorate on the most sacred day of the trans calendar.

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