The post is gross. It has nothing to do with TIPs. Stop inserting yourselves into everything.

Narcissists really cannot understand that everything is not about them. These people are mentally ill with severely defective personalities

they're claiming because Tampax used "them" they are being "gender inclusive". I used to like Jezebel, now I hate read and comment on this shit, but they of course just leave my comments in "pending" bc we're not allowed to question anything to do with the sacred caste.

Libfems mistaking offense at a gross joke that sexualizes tampons as transphobia. Somehow.

These lying clowns just can't stop can they. All the GC women I follow criticised the tweet for being gross and misogynistic, hence the boycott Tampax trending. Any mention of the they/them wording or the fact that they also sponsored Dylan weeks ago and wrote inclusive statements years ago only came afterwards, as a secondary concern.

“#BoycottTampax is trending. Already there for me after this post previously came out. All humans are ‘people that bleed,’ only female humans experience periods & we deserve humanizing words…those words are women & girls. If some reject those words, it doesn’t change reality,” one transphobe tweeted.

Objective reality = transphobia. Great journalism.

I didn't see a single radfem complain about the use of "they" in that tweet. They were (rightfully) more concerned with this company pornifying a natural process that girls as young as eight go through (not to mention bringing back the old stigma that tampons are like cotton dildos that steal your virginity)

Remember when Jezebel would call out gross misogynistic garbage? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

I would expect no less from Jizz-a-bel. “Feminist” in name only.

Well, Jezebel did demand the death of anyone who dare not fall in line with her new religion, so this sort of fits.

Jizz-a-bell. Perfect. It's a fake fem rag. I swear it's all Tim's and handmaidens. I like how they managed a swipe against Twitter since certain accounts were reinstated...like Meghan Murphy. They're tone deaf as ever, though.

"Whether or not this “campaign” is actually effective is beside the point"--actually, no, that is EXACTLY the point. No money, no customers--no business. Business folds.

TRAs: "Tampax made a crude joke sexualizing menstruation and tampons (a natural bodily function that girls as young as eight experience). How can we make this the TERFs' fault?"

THIS shit is what happens when you let males have a say in marketing female products. They find a way to pornify it!

I'm more offended that this woman is using misogynistic slurs against other women. Nice "feminism," Jezebel.

"But its not misogynistic if the women are bad and DESERVE to be called b!tches!!"

This libfem shit is why so many people believe that all modern feminism is a joke

Seriously! It's pathetic. Jezebel is literally telling women what to do, what to think, and what to believe and if you don't get in line, support men with dysphoria, and conform, you are not worthy of being treated well as a woman. What they're saying is the exact opposite of feminism. It's conditional based on a woman's support of males. I don't know how they can't understand that. They're harming women by telling them that equal rights and equal treatment are conditional and feminism should never be that way. It's the same mean girl bullshit women have used on each other for years. The older I get, the more I realize that so many women who think they are feminists do not see the bigger picture of what they're doing and saying to other women. And that's why nothing ever changes for women.

Its honestly no different than when conservatives write off particular women as immoral simply because they had a kid out of wedlock or wore a mini-skirt or whatever. Part of patriarchy is separating women into "the good ones" who deserve to be treated like humans and "the bad ones" who deserve misogyny and mistreatment

The libfems don't realize that they're playing into that when they spit on TERFs

Hoping that Jezebel will crash and burn after the take-over by G/O. They're firing staff left right and centre.


Good to see. Thanks for this. We should email G/O and tell them to go GC. That would be more fitting with the name. They could hire the Reduxx ladies. With some backing, I bet GC content would be popular. GC books have done well from what I've heard.

The only thing you need to know about the jezebel site is that they hired as their feminist columnist, a man who tried to murder his girlfriend by forcing her head into the oven.

Jezebel is the first place I read the word "TERF". I first saw the site about 15 years ago and got interested because there were some legit feminist opinions there. Then they kind of rebranded, picked a new tagline about lipstick, and became the worst hijacking of liberal feminism, "queer" men in lipstick spouting outright hate about women.

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