I wish this country would stop doing TV ads for prescription drugs. So I would be VERY happy if people like the Stepford Surgeon were no longer allowed to advertise these surgeries to kids as if they're a trendy pair of shoes

Most folks say their top surgery is easier than wisdom tooth removal

How is Mengele-Barbie allowed to LIE so blatantly about something as consequential as major surgery!? Its outrageous that she has gotten away with it for so long! Especially considering how she does dangerous shit like marketing to obese patients and misleading them about the risks of surgery and obesity

We already know of one patient who nearly died because of her substandard care. Will one of her patients have to die on the table (or of subsequent complications) before she gets booted from TikTok or loses her license!?

Suicide, like gender dysphoria, is a social contagion. Guidelines for how to talk about suicide in the media exist because glamorizing suicide or making it out to be inevitable can lead to more people attempting it. The suicide narrative is a way to browbeat onlookers into submission. Parents are being told they must choose between a dead child and a trans child.

The suicide baiting is one of the most vile things about the trans cult. They violate every rule about discussing suicide. As if they WANT more kids to kill themselves!

This is so, so gross. It’s also just incredibly frustrating that “just cut them off!” has become the default answer to discomfort with breast changes that accompany puberty.

My 10 year old is struggling a bit with this right now. She’s starting to feel like she needs extra coverage with some clothes, but doesn’t really like bras. We talked about it and I bought her some thick undershirts.

It’s a process growing into an adult body, and having a healthy adult woman to help guide you through these things is important.

Instead we have women selling mutilation. It’s disgusting.

The number of teens seeking medical transition is up 4000% in the UK, and in the US, an explosion of gender clinics across the country indicates the trend is here as well.

If any other mental or physical health condition shot up 4000% in the span of less than ten years, doctors and sociologists would be scrambling to figure out why! ESPECIALLY if the rise happened in a demographic where it was previously incredibly rare. But, with gender dysphoria, we're supposed to just blindly believe that this is totally organic and there's no social contagion at play. Despite this rise happening primarily in a demographic that is especially vulnerable to social contagion.

Even if I believed that "trans kids" were a real thing and that surgery was appropriate for some of them, I'd still want some investigation on why the diagnosis spiked FOUR THOUSAND PERCENT before opening a gender clinic in every goddam city!

I'd still want some investigation on why the diagnosis spiked FOUR THOUSAND PERCENT before opening a gender clinic in every goddam city!

There used to be just one gender clinic in the US — Boston Children’s Hospital. There’s now about a hundred.

I was just comming to post this, it was a very good article

I’m going to guess that this was written after that one TIF who wrote a Twitter thread on her experiences with Gallaghoul poking fun at serious medical issues after her “teet yeet”?