"Those laws sought to increase women’s participation in government through gendered quotas for party positions. Today, however, the once-progressive policies are limiting the ability of trans, nonbinary, and intersex candidates to run for office."

So, another clear example of how rights really do conflict sometimes, despite TRA assertions to the contrary.

Of course, they have to include intersex, which now includes women with PCOS.

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Fuck them. They’re not fit to represent anyone.

Fuck them. They’re not fit to represent anyone.

Amen. The trans and NBs are too mentally ill to hold political power. They'll turn every issue into, "BUT WHAT ABOUT TRANS RIGHTS!?".

"Bepenised folk" will never represent me.

Delusional idiots should be barred from running for office. Fuck these people.

Of course they don’t include the photo of decaudin at full attention