There is a new episode of triggernometry with KJK. You can google it.

There is a new episode of triggernometry with KJK. You can google it.


Konstantin claimed that men’s testosterone levels were dropping all over the world without looking directly at Francis Foster. Impressive impulse control. He offered no citations but he seemed to think it was because of feminism. Not the hormones we pump our animals with or lack of exercise.

Men seem to think testosterone dropping is the root cause of all of western societies ills and it’s all caused by feminism etc. They don’t seem to realise that becoming a father causes the sharpest natural drop in testosterone aside from physical illness

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Ar some point, Konstantin tried to blame the trans craze on a feminized society that apparently only values feminine traits and emasculates men. I’ve heard other men say that the feminization of society is bringing its downfall, but what does that even mean? Do men believe the solution to everything is to put women back in the kitchen? Look at the societies that do that, are they doing better? I don’t think so.

I have no desire to listen to some misogynistic man pretending that we live in a "feminized society" that is bringing its downfall. I'll pass on these idiots. They don't deserve anyone"s respect or attention.

Konstantin tried to blame the trans craze on a feminized society that apparently only values feminine traits and emasculates men.

So basically just another way of blaming women.

C’mon guys, not everything is our fault. Think harder.

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Kissen has an angry little incel streak which comes out sometimes, though he does have a wife and child

I know she is Ukrainian

Hopefully it wasn’t a citizenship marriage

Edit to add

I do still like Triggernometry

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Yeah, they recently had another episode with a black man trying to blame black women for all of the single parent families - even though he came from one. Blaming women for men leaving and not stepping up. Konstantin and Francis thought this was a very reasonable stance. They really do have an big MRA streak as does the majority of their audience. I listen to them pretty frequently but I'm also often disgusted by them. They're not nearly as clever as they think they are.

"Not as clever as they think they are" literally describes all male "intellectuals," especially on Youtube or other social media platforms. Already inflated ego + online "celebrity" worship

That guest was delusional. He put all the blame on his mom for choosing to be a single mom, rather than his dirtbag dad who was married to another woman but impregnated the guest’s mom multiple times, like that also wasn’t a choice on his shitty dad’s part too 🙄

Exactly this!!

Intersectional feminism was supposed to be for this kind of abuse, but has been hijacked by the white TIMs

I think he was referring to hormones in the water type stuff? I found some of KJK a bit cringe like suggesting Islam was going to take over as a backlash. It was not her best interview, IMO. Also, she agreed that there is a clash of rights btw trans people and women, but that's not it. It's that women have rights and a bunch of men are trying to take those for themselves. Anyhow, overall it was good and she sure gets the message out. My favourite part was when he challenged her about not being nicer and she went to town on why she's beyond being kind for the sake of being kind.

I think they usually try to challenge their guest with what other people are saying, but because they don’t understand the argument they just put up a token resistance.

It is normally good if you just want to listen to the speaker without much argument from the hosts. You can usually agree or disagree on your own.

That part made me roll my eyes too, especially in the weaselly little way he tried to bring it up. Rather than speaking directly, he couches his language and beats around the bush and I felt like it really derailed KJK's flow and ended up being the weakest part of the interview.

Well, I guess it wouldn't be an interview about women's rights without a little sprinkling of 'what about the men??' and 'isn't this all women's fault anyway?'

Did anyone see KJK's latest show on her own channel? She kept stating over and over that she's "not a feminist" which is her business, fine. But then she kept begging Matt Walsh to talk to her. Whew. There are asshole men in the comment section blaming feminists/women for the trans shit. My blood pressure skyrocketed. Walsh is a trad dad. Joe Rogan got him to admit he's a homophobe....but listeners had to suffer through Walsh's clunky tap dancing first.

KK and FF....do they think women invented AGPs? Women evolved, but men didn't, now there's all this failed man syndrome going around.

I admire KJK for what she's done. My one criticism of her is her lack of knowledge of actual feminism and her propensity to disparage feminists. I think had she been more well read she would feel differently. I've come to terms that that is not her role in this movement. She's doing great work and I don't need her to be perfect.

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I think KJK doesn't like subscribing to the pre-packaged sets of ideas which both liberal and radical feminism are. She didn't like that feminists were coming after her telling her what opinions she supposed to have in she is a "real feminist", so it's easier for her to say that she is not.

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I've read comments saying that radical feminists can't be capitalists, and read some lit explaining that communism is intrinsic to radical feminism, so I've dropped the "radical" part since I abhor communism (although I absolutely love Marx's literature). This is me personally and probably how she feels. Idk.

No. She doesn't understand what radical feminism actually is. A lot of people on this site don't understand it either. It is definitely not a set of pre-packaged ideas. This is obvious if you've done the reading.

She is doing great work. She doesn't need Walsh for anything. He's not the pope of this movement.

Maybe she's arrived at her views through experience rather than reading.

That's often not sufficient. To be properly informed about many topics you need to know the history and the scholarship behind it. Personal experience is no substitute for proper education on a topic although it may inform it. She doesn't see the larger picture or context. It's very clear in many of her opinions.

But like I said. I don't need her to be perfect.

I find KJK anti-feminist, and therefore, anti-woman's rights. All her emphasis, and gear, which she is hawking all the time, use any word but feminist: woman, female, femalist. Femalist is a dig at feminists, which includes me and many women on Ovarit and in the world. It is feminists that have fought the hardest, and achieved the most, for the rights of women.

I am tired of her as some kind of spokesperson for the GC movement. I sometimes feel that she gets the interviews because of her looks, the fact she is a married mother, heterosexual, supported, I assume, by her husband, and therefore is non threatening to the patriarchy. What lesbian in our movement has gotten the coverage, the interviews, she has?

if she was feminist it would work to her disadvantage, she would not have the reach and it would give her opponents more ammo, sometimes its good to be a single issue campaigner.

I also feel KJK has been elevated because she’s a white heterosexual married mother. The depth of research, intelligence, original thought that comes from Exulansic for example, a lesbian, absolutely annihilates any content that KJK puts out, and is shining a light on the worst aspects of medical transition and the medical abuse that TIPs suffer.

Exulansics content, amongst other lesbians content, is what stopped me from transitioning myself. I could’ve shaved 30 years off my lifespan, been a lesbian with a neck beard and oestoarthirits and cardiac issues in my 20s if it wasn’t for Ex’s content. That’s genuine life saving work she’s doing. I would NEVER have been convinced by anything KJK puts out, and if a good majority of the work GCs are doing isn’t supposed to be about saving the lives and health spans of young women, what the hell are we doing?

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She's clarified that the term means very little today and she seems correct. She's used 'femalist' etc.

Outside of circles that know what the term means I avoid using it also. I stick to saying I am pro women’s liberation or pro women’s rights or pro safeguarding, depending on the circle/circumstance.

Feminism is a term that’s been so twisted it means a fuck tone of different things to different people. And it would be exhausting and counterproductive to correct people irl about their misuse of it.

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I think she is also aware that any label she picks will be an attack surface; better just to make this all about women (which she does).

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There are no end of women who believe they’re not feminists because they don’t know what the word means.

My stance is that if you think, as a woman, that anyone, particularly men, should even listen to your opinions, you’re a feminist. It’s pretty simple. It also makes a pretty funny paradox where you can’t say you’re not a feminist without being one.

I tried googling "KJK", "KJK youtube", and "Konstantin" (from the first comment) and am coming up with nothing.

I'm out of the loop - what's KJK?

I think KJK is too familiar with FF and KK so she didn't explain why women should not be required to come up with solutions to the problem of AGP men because of prior conversations with them and their audience. She should have treated them as being new to the topic instead so she could set out the basics. This discussion is still going on on Triggernometry Locals chat and men just don't seem to get it.

Men with fetishes do need to discuss their problems and to have research done on the reasons behind their AGP and other paraphilias. I would encourage them to explore the subject in depth - but not in the ladies toilets. This is only a huge problem for women because these men bring the problem across our boundaries and rub them up against us in the ladies toilets. Get them out of women's spaces because these are not women's problems to deal with. There will be women willing to help these men but don't foist the problem onto women against our will or expect us to find solutions to a problem we can never personally experience. Women are not fetishistic men's emotional support animals.

That's a good point and I do that too in terms of being so familiar with TERF talking points that I don't start from the beginning. I forget that a lot of people have never thought about or discussed these issues before. I'm an impatient person, so am working on starting with the basics (even though I know what I'm saying is truthful, not hateful).

terrible interview but always nice to see KJK those two are thick, firmly in the women are lesser men category, trying to argue that a mutilated man needs to be housed with women just because they are not intact. it never holds any water.

it also raises the question really of what men like that think about the disabled in general, so much for equality, anything deemed weaker in a man is categorized to womenlike as women = weak, slightly less weak then children.

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