I've never put this together before, but did anyone else get fatshamed by the adults around you when you developed your adult body as a teen? I had a horrific time when I was about 15 when every adult I met talked about how I was "looking well" and they "didn't recognise me", all said in a snide way. But I wasn't fat, I had just grown from a teen shape into an adult woman shape in a very short space of time. Anyone else? It was very traumatic, in an era where gaining weight was seen as the worst thing a woman could do.

The reasons why teenage girls are trying to get out of womanhood are numerous, but fuck, this experience doesn't get talked about enough. DON'T COMMENT ON TEENAGE GIRLS' BODIES!

💯 it was mortifying to see the breasts growing and growing and I couldn’t control it:-( to then deal with the comments was beyond humiliating. Even if one ends up “looking good” it’s still very unpleasant.