I'm a fairly chill parent and have probably been too lenient at times, but this is beyond the pale. Your job as a parent is to set boundaries and to say no TO BAD THINGS. You're essentially allowing a child to wear a strap-on. Just because it's 'crocheted' doesn't make it not a sexual object. Normal, healthy parents would be utterly grossed out that someone crocheted genitalia for children. I'd bet money a blue light would show bodily fluids cause that crocheter is highly likely to have a fetish and/or be a pedophile.

Unless The Guardian misreported "My 11 year old child literally held a gun to my head and said she'd shoot us both if I didn't buy her a crochet strapon" as "I bought it reluctantly", I can't even begin to understand what on earth he was thinking. If you can't say "no" in that situation, what will it take?

To be fair, the 11 year old might have threatened suicide, which to a parent is very scary.

Medical "professionals" claiming that those suicide threats are totally real doesn't help.

Parents probably are relieved when their children don't demand puberty blockers and think they can compromise by allowing the other stuff.

Yes, lets not forget the trans cult encourages you to threaten suicide to get your way to your parents! uwu