The trauma of having a female reproductive system, knowing that if you ever wanted children you'd have to sacrifice yourself and even risk your life, instead of having a nice, quick orgasm and be done with it.

The fact that the whole world was built for men by men, the male is the standard and the "other" is the female.

The realisation (either conscious or unconscious) that men - who hold all the power politically, socially, professionally, and privately - hate us. They just hate women and girls, and they either want to hurt/kill us, or they're simply okay with it. And there's no known reason for that, only hypothesis and the frustration that follows.

Virtually everything going wrong with the world is caused by men, but women are somehow the ones to blame and take the harshest punishments. When women do great things it's "people", when women do wrongs it's "women". When men do great things it's "men", when men do wrongs it's "people".

The acknowledgement of your own physical disadvantages, understanding that you are weaken than any average man and you can't run as fast, jump as high, punch as hard. Your body is alien and many abilities related to personal freedom are sacrificed in the name of reproduction, even if you don't want and never wanted children. Also grasping what it means to be the weaker and "othered" side, when your counterpart wants to hurt you and/or exploit you.

Having no class solidarity despite being the world's most victimised minority (as in disadvantaged social class), while our oppressors will defend eachother even when they don't personally know the perpetrator but they know the victim.

Being considered responsible for your family's wellbeing, the domestic chore unfair ratio, the wage gap, and all the rest that frankly we are all familiar with.

I had to learn how to accept and love being a woman, but it's something I have to work towards every day because the rest of the world is actively working against it.

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