I’d say it’s a culmination of things; of women being presented as uninteresting, two dimensional stereotypes in film and media - we are frequently reduced to sexual objects or pretty decorations. Women aren’t real people. Young girls/women think “but I’m a real person, I’m interesting and imperfect and more than these bland, beautiful vessels” Male characters are complex, exciting, dynamic, imperfect (but still likeable!) ... of course young women relate more strongly to (male) characters with actual character.

Only beautiful (and filtered/edited) women are seen on the internet and on film. Many normal looking girls feel inadequate. If a girl doesn’t fit the narrow window of beauty norms then how can she be a woman?

The depravity of men. The unspoken trauma of getting your first period, growing breasts and hips...the unwanted attention, leering, groping and commentary from boys who used to be peers, not to mention older men.

Really, why would anyone want to be a girl? Look at how how women are treated, dismissed, degraded, dominated, disrespected, hated (for no real reason) ... of course, the reality is that we have no choice. These girls are just naive enough to think the rest of us are happy with our lot as second class citizens.

It also happens during late adolescent pubertal development too. I honestly can’t say that first growing breasts or getting my period around 11/12 distressed me at all, but around 18 my breasts grew about 2 cup sizes larger due to birth control and probably genetics and I remember hysterically crying after hearing the new bra size during a bra fitting. I just felt so uncomfortable and like I was going to be newly gawked at because of it.