It has never been particularly fun to be a girl, but with internet porn accessible even to primary school age boys, it has become even less fun.

And now those trans groomers tell girls that they could identify out of being considered subhuman objects to be raped.

Of course girls are going to want to identify as fully human beings who have their rights and boundaries respected.

Not that males would ever treat them as such, but the illusion is there.

It is not surprising at all. In fact, every couple of years there seems to be a new trend, a new way that women try to have their humanity acknowledged.

Back in the day, it was anorexia, either as a way to eternally stay a child and thus not be treated as sex object, or to be a thin woman and be perceived as more worthy.

And before that .. well, I would not be surprised if pretty much every generation of young girls had had some "disorder" that was connected to the fact that they very much noticed that with childhood, life as they knew it was over and they'd be turned into rapeslaves for males.