My friend, a very liberal Gen Xer, peaked when her nephew told the family a few weeks ago he's a TIM. But, in talking to her, she had been mini-peaking for a while--why? Because so many of her Gen X friend's daughters are claiming to be trans or non binary. I feel like most people know it's bull shit. But in this political climate, it's hard for them to admit its all a fucking joke, or they stick their heads in the sand and refuse to analyze WHY these girls are doing this in astounding, never-before-seen numbers. My friend knew exactly why her friend's daughters were doing this. And yet, the world is being held hostage by this insanity. I hope this is the beginning of the downward slope toward a return to sanity.

It’s not entirely head in the sand. It’s also a lot of older folks not taking it seriously thinking it’s just young kids dumb shit, like kids being hippies, punks, goths, etc before. Non-binary and gender identity are all meaningless just like all the past youth trends. Most older people busy with real life responsibilities think it’s all just youth stuff not worth the time of the day. They don’t realize laws are being overhauled and institutions are imposing this madness en mass.

Then you got the “be kind” older folks still thinking they’re supporting gay rights. And they haven’t a clue transgender today is unrecognizable from traditional transvestites.

This whole horrific movement relies on keeping regular people in the dark to reshape society into the dystopia they want to create