hmm thats a very leading article it starts off questioning why but then tails off into affirmation leaving the reader with a string of positive trans story about how all these kids were happy about getting to live there "authentic" lives with no mention of detrainsitioners really.

its very misleading the way it starts out but then I shouldn't be surprised from an article in little owen jones paper, notice the complete lack of questioning as to why so many lesbians are saying they are boys and only a coursery mention of ASD.

Parental confusion has been heightened by NHS England’s announcement in July that the Tavistock’s gender identity clinic would close next year and be replaced by new regional centres. This happened after the Cass review said the current model, with its long delays, was leaving young people “at considerable risk” of poor mental health and distress, and that having one clinic was not “a safe or viable long-term option”.

Way to leave out a lot of important context. And flat out lie. It wasn’t that the Tavistock was too slow, but that it went with reckless speed.

I noted that, too, and of course it’s obfuscation. The Guardian is not ready yet to write the truth. I wonder about the author, she seems to have done some good work in the past. How could she square this lie and the other omissions with her conscience?

There was a study that “proved” it’s not social contagion bc there’s more TIMs than TIFs. Bc that makes sense.

I've never put this together before, but did anyone else get fatshamed by the adults around you when you developed your adult body as a teen? I had a horrific time when I was about 15 when every adult I met talked about how I was "looking well" and they "didn't recognise me", all said in a snide way. But I wasn't fat, I had just grown from a teen shape into an adult woman shape in a very short space of time. Anyone else? It was very traumatic, in an era where gaining weight was seen as the worst thing a woman could do.

The reasons why teenage girls are trying to get out of womanhood are numerous, but fuck, this experience doesn't get talked about enough. DON'T COMMENT ON TEENAGE GIRLS' BODIES!

💯 it was mortifying to see the breasts growing and growing and I couldn’t control it:-( to then deal with the comments was beyond humiliating. Even if one ends up “looking good” it’s still very unpleasant.

My friend, a very liberal Gen Xer, peaked when her nephew told the family a few weeks ago he's a TIM. But, in talking to her, she had been mini-peaking for a while--why? Because so many of her Gen X friend's daughters are claiming to be trans or non binary. I feel like most people know it's bull shit. But in this political climate, it's hard for them to admit its all a fucking joke, or they stick their heads in the sand and refuse to analyze WHY these girls are doing this in astounding, never-before-seen numbers. My friend knew exactly why her friend's daughters were doing this. And yet, the world is being held hostage by this insanity. I hope this is the beginning of the downward slope toward a return to sanity.

It’s not entirely head in the sand. It’s also a lot of older folks not taking it seriously thinking it’s just young kids dumb shit, like kids being hippies, punks, goths, etc before. Non-binary and gender identity are all meaningless just like all the past youth trends. Most older people busy with real life responsibilities think it’s all just youth stuff not worth the time of the day. They don’t realize laws are being overhauled and institutions are imposing this madness en mass.

Then you got the “be kind” older folks still thinking they’re supporting gay rights. And they haven’t a clue transgender today is unrecognizable from traditional transvestites.

This whole horrific movement relies on keeping regular people in the dark to reshape society into the dystopia they want to create

It has never been particularly fun to be a girl, but with internet porn accessible even to primary school age boys, it has become even less fun.

And now those trans groomers tell girls that they could identify out of being considered subhuman objects to be raped.

Of course girls are going to want to identify as fully human beings who have their rights and boundaries respected.

Not that males would ever treat them as such, but the illusion is there.

It is not surprising at all. In fact, every couple of years there seems to be a new trend, a new way that women try to have their humanity acknowledged.

Back in the day, it was anorexia, either as a way to eternally stay a child and thus not be treated as sex object, or to be a thin woman and be perceived as more worthy.

And before that .. well, I would not be surprised if pretty much every generation of young girls had had some "disorder" that was connected to the fact that they very much noticed that with childhood, life as they knew it was over and they'd be turned into rapeslaves for males.

[–] Lilith-Fair 25 points Edited
  • Porn
  • Media, companies, influencers and trendsetters making "trans" the hippest new thing (indoctrination and putting stupid idea like "born in wrong body" into their heads)
  • Social Contagion on local levels
  • misguided liberal social justice activists anointing "trans" people as top of Oppression Hierarchy (indoctrination and putting stupid idea like "born in wrong body" into their heads)
  • Social media spreading harmful ideology to young people, feeding on their insecurity about their self-image as they enter puberty and showering them with applauses and attention (indoctrination and putting stupid idea like "born in wrong body" into their heads)
  • Celebrities eg: Kylie Jenner constantly posting manipulated photos of themselves as "the standard" of what women are to look like
  • Adult male sexual harassment toward girls as young as 10-12 as soon as they visibly entered puberty

Just a few reasons to start off top of my head... Why is it such a mystery to established media outlets like Guardian? What rock have they been sleeping under?

I’d also add that all the bright colours, rainbows, sparkly things, fluffy toys, unicorns would appeal to a lot of young girls. Heck, I’m 59 and still attracted to colourful sparkly things.

A fake rock with poorly applied makeup, and an ill-fitting dress and wig. They've convinced themselves it's a real rock because it feels that way.

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Online activists marketing it as both admission to an exclusive club and as a magical solution to all of lifes problems (while aggressively censoring any talk of the downsides!)

Wow, hell must have frozen over! The Guardian publishes a 'balanced' piece . . . I wonder if they are fearing the tide has turned?

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