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'I’m not a fan of trans activism or Kayla’s behavior at the school but I’m a professional and I don’t discriminate.'

He added: 'I’ll throw anyone out of a plane'


Wouldn't it have been funny if Mr Hindenberg Tits' parachute had ""mysteriously malfunctioned"? Though he probably would have survived if he just landed on his fake boobs. 🤣

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Wait--he's out of work because he has to wear a boot due to an injury but he can go skydiving?

I literally started typing the same thing, but I looked down and there was my comment. I will add that skydiving while off work for an injury would get any person in trouble. But it’s apparently just a way to express his gender woo, so he won’t face an repercussions. This guy will never stop breaking the rules that everyone else has to obey. It almost makes me want to be trans just so I can go through life doing what ever the hell I want with no consequences.

It almost makes me want to be trans just so I can go through life doing what ever the hell I want with no consequences.

You're female. You wouldn't get away with it

What’s to stop you? 😈 You don’t actually have to change anything bc not all men have a penis or dress like one. I’m thinking of going non-binary myself. Some days I wear my brothers old track sweatshirt. Breaking gender boundaries before I even known it!

To be fair, skydiving is just a longer version of the fall that probably caused that injury in the first place.

Its okay because skydiving with his hot air balloon titties affirms his Lady Soul

I'm guessing he dropped something heavy on a foot he can no longer see when kitted out for school.

The skydiver uses “he” and “his”to talk about the pervert😈

Well, the skydiver has been in hundreds of porn films. I'd say he's definitely qualified to identify male biology when he sees it.

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I’m not ashamed to admit that I made the mistake of googling ‘voodoo’ since he had a helmet on. This guy is a walking talking tripod. No way in hell would I ever be strapped with my back against this guy.

Im surprised that he goes by voodoo and not Vlad the Impaler 🤢

Im surprised that he goes by voodoo and not Vlad the Impaler

omg I am on the floor dying

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If any regular teacher was caught interacting with any pornstar they would be fired. This guy is clearly a pervert and using transness as a shield. I think he's doing this to get fired like that Mr garrison episode the death camp of tolerance in which he does a bunch of obscene gay stuff infront of students to get fired and sue the school but the thing is school doesn't fire him because of trying to be tolerant even the four boys are punished and sent to a tolerance death camp for speaking out. I think that's his whole scheme be as sexually deviant while trans, get fired and sue the school for transphobia

Female teachers have been fired because some scrote found porn pics/videos she made a decade prior. Females have been fired from various jobs (including teaching) for having an Only Fans on the side. But this asshole can literally come to class wearing a sex toy, and everyone just has to put up with it.

Male/trans privilege in action

Female teachers have been fired because someone found a photograph of her where she had a drink in her hand. Because a female teacher who drinks alcohol on her own time is clearly a bad influence to the children. Unlike that male teacher who shows up to school in fetish gear. He’s a paragon of virtue.

There is for real a SP episode like that?!?

Damn, theses guys have the ‘third sight’, fortune teller, prescience, etc

There is for real a SP episode like that?!?

Yes. Garrison tried to get himself fired so he could sue the school for discriminating against him as a gay man. He did various crazy things in front of the students (like shoving hamsters up his boyfriend's ass). And, when the kids complained, the adults called them bigots and gave Garrison a "Bravest Teacher Ever" award.

Not even South Park was able to comprehend how insane the world would eventually become.....

Yep, and it came out around 2006 or something. Clairvoyance indeed

Someone needs to splice all the most embarrassing TRA antics from up north together for a montage, with an intro of Trudeau saying “Canada is back.” And the Benny Hill theme as the background music.

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Lol I like how even the pornstar he jumped with hates him ahahaha.

'I’ll throw anyone out of a plane. Plus, I regarded taking a big 230 pound person with huge prosthetic beasts on a skydive as a challenge. Most instructors would not even take them strictly on their size alone.'

lol what a burn 🔥

Are the 'breasts' foam? If not they must weigh a ton. They look like the fake pregnancy bellies, tied to his chest instead of stomach (perhaps why they hang so low?). I'm just amazed these things existed for him to purchase. I am wondering if he rigged 2 pregnancy bellies to be his fake boobs.

He didn’t. When the story first broke I found the exact silicone breasts vest on the Chinese equivalent of Amazon. It costs over $800.

They are foam and air. They are part of a skin colored "shirt" that covers the whole torso, total skin walking. You can find them on Amazon for about $400.

I’m not a fan of trans activism or Kayla’s behavior at the school but I’m a professional and I don’t discriminate.'

Also uses correct he/him pronouns

And yet no calls to cancel, no death threats, rtc

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Also this came out from an employment lawyer who says that of course the school board can stop this porn-addled AGP school teacher from wearing sex toys to work: https://financialpost.com/fp-work/halton-school-board-power-ban-trans-teachers-outfit-too-scared

He's just taking the piss out of women and kids at this point. Fuck everyone who is letting him.

Omg the photos of his MAN face have never been clearer 😂😂😂😂

I died when I saw the photo of his big goofy Janice the Muppet lookin’ ass eyelashes flying off 😭😂

Don’t all true ladies go skydiving in full make-up?

I’m not sure I would trust anyone stupid enough to skydive in wig and prescription glasses to educate my child.

For real. I wonder if they advised him to take them off and he refused, or if they just didn’t say anything and had a laugh about the sky snatching his wig…and glasses…and eyelashes lol

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Ghastly! 😂😂😂

I love how he looks like a character from Spitting Image while everyone else looks normal.

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