Funny how his eventual apology basically paraphrased Julia's comment: he needs to get out more.

[–] Future Is Female 1 points

And now he’s posted a video wearing a cheap wig claiming he’s a trans woman!

His dead-eyed shifty face gives away exactly what type of man he is, before I even read the article I could tell. Guys like him who live and breathe social media are either outright incels or "progressive" incels who use slurs against women "ironically" and call themselves feminists just to berate women about our own lives. Honestly, I've never seen a "they" man who wasn't a nasty self-centered woman-hating toad using the non-binary label as a shield from criticism.

[–] NO 9 points

The whole their thing makes it look like people writing about this shit are trying to cover something up.

[–] cupcakes_and_shiraz 🧁🍷🥰 1 points

A misogynistic TIM is like saying "the sky is blue" at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if they all hated women.

So the creator of TikTok feels he has to leave TikTok for the sake of his own sanity. Well now.

No, anyone who makes videos on TikTok is a “creator”, it’s what TikTok calls them. He’s just some nobody who thinks he’s hot shit because he’s got a modest following of people.

He's a "[content] creator" on TikTok, not the creator of TikTok, no? I suppose I could look it up to be sure, but just as I don't understand why anyone should give a shit about the ramblings of a bum in the park, I don't understand why people publish commentary about the mutterings of random nobody clowns and minstrels on the internet.