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The degree of shaming to which survivors of rape and child sexual abuse have been subjected in order to preserve the “trans women are women” line is utterly obscene. Women who ask for female-only spaces are told they must reframe their boundaries; that they are obsessed with genitals; that they are weaponising trauma; that they have the wrong values and the wrong perception of reality. It is vital that they are vilified. Stop to consider their pain and you, too, might start pulling at the thread of the dogma.

Like Medusa with her snake hair, once again the female victim of male sexual violence is made into a monster.

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Heaven forbid a rape survivor should make a TIM feel uncomfortable and not be validating. Edited to add, as a health care worker I have seen many requests for female only staff. These requests have also come from a couple of men who were sexually abused by men.

My dad requested male nurses on one hospital stay because he needed help using the toilet after surgery. They sadly couldn't provide it. But the head nurse apologized to him personally and tried to minimize his discomfort. They didn't call him a sexist or a bigot for feeling weird about young women helping him pee and wipe his ass.

Victoria Smith’s writing is so incisive—so poignant—it throws the whole debate into sharp relief: male demands will always trump those of women. Despite the attempts to hide that reality, it rears its ugly head in each one of these shameful incidents.

Victoria Smith is my hero. I think her writing is just perfection. I love how she's able to pull in from so many sources, she makes it look like she has a god-tier memory. I wish I had time to write and try to practice writing like her.

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She's multilingual and works as a translator. I think that's why she has such command over language and such a wide frame of reference.

In Switzerland there is no guarantee of single sex care at all, as I learned recently after a surgery. The male nurse informed me he was happy to accommodate because there were female nurses around but I should know that there's no guarantee. (He did this in a polite, informative way not a snarky way)

"The patient at the heart of the Princess Grace Hospital story has since had her operation rescheduled, with the original surgeons in attendance." Is the operation to take place at the Princess Grace?

No. It was reported in the news that the surgery would take place in another hospital managed by the hospital management group that also manages PG

Absolutely disgusting way to treat this victim, with further victimization.

I’ve yet to run into this issue when scheduling with female practitioners, and I’m sick with worry that in this climate, I will sooner than later.