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I can't even imagine the nightmare of fighting your ex, the co-parent of your child, over something like this. How absolutely defeating it would feel night after night to know the court agrees with them. And in the cases where the pro-trans parent wins, having to watch your baby undergo systematic destruction of their body with you helpless to intervene, perhaps unable to even speak to your child as it happens. My Fucking God.

Transitioning kids is a gift to Munchausen parents and any parents who want to weaponize their child in a divorce.

This would be one of the rare instances I would absolutely understand straight up kidnapping your own child.

I wouldn't even date a man who's pro-trans. I would fight tooth and nail to divorce if my husband suddenly transitions. The internet access will have to be watched because I would not let these e-transgenders shoot their propaganda at MY kid. And their school friends are gonna have to be checked because bad influences happen, and I have no patience for pro-trans parents using their children as missionaries during school hours.

I wonder if the court case was the first time the transing parent heard unbiased medically factual information about the impact of puberty blockers and flipped.

The clinic involved in this should obviously be named.

Wow, this looks like it could set an important precedent here.

Gives me hope that our judges will see sense & support parents who don't want their kids transed

The attorney for the parent who wanted to not abuse their child is correct — the PUBLIC CLINIC should be named.

It looks like the effects of the court case will go far beyond this one family. I wonder if there's any way the expert testimony can be released without compromising the privacy of the child? Sounds like it would really add to the public discourse.

Feel comforted knowing that even if the details remain private, other parents who don't want their kids transed may be able to refer back to this case

(In the state, at least)

So the parent who wanted to continue the transition was flipped? God I hope so!

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Love to see it.

Hopefully the kid will desist before 16.

So glad that wisdom and caution have prevailed in this case.