That is correct. Men should never strip search women. I was just reading that a Canadian organization (captured, so they aren't helping women avoid men in prison) has filed a constitutional challenge about strip searching in Canada. Disturbing to read some of the details: https://ccla.org/major-cases-and-reports/strip-searches-in-ontario-prisons/. That being said, they think men are women, so I don't know whether they care if women are searched by men, as long as those men say they are women (which is fucking insane).

I find it very disconcerting that these male officers are demanding to view vulnerable women naked.

That article is a huge disappointment.

I was expecting some Russian Mafia king pin-residing in Surrey🤔- to be speaking more sense than UK police.

And obviously this scenario leads to a much better Netflix series than the article would.

Is it only me the link is not working for?

worked for me for what it's worth.

Ah, thanks for that feedback. It seems to happen to me more often than others that a link maddeningly hangs without delivering up the expected page!