The most graceful and intelligent women are TERFs IMO. Adichie and Rowling will be remembered not only for their literary talents, but for their ability to think for themselves and not be cowed by the baying, bloodthirsty TRAs.

Ugh. I was enjoying the article until the author needlessly injected her own TRA opinions into it. I thought the article was supposed to be about Chimamanda, not the author's opportunity to virtue signal and wokescold.

Agree. An interview is all about the person being interviewed. Inserted opinions about the interviewee ruins the piece. It should be the reader’s place to insert their opinions as they are reading or listening.

Exactly. Too bad this poor excuse for a journalist feels the need to make sure their audience is drawing the right conclusions. This could have been a fantastic piece otherwise.

[–] Tq231442 Cervix owner 19 points

Imagine the inner sigh Chimamanda gave when she heard the reporter spout her dumbass shit.

[–] Tiramisuomi 14 points Edited

Of course they are white, too. I wonder when the author's DMs will fill with hate speech for talking this way to a black women by the people who love intersectionality so much?

They are so scared of the violent, aggressive "be kind" gender priests that even talking to and about someone who is not part of the cult, is very scary to these types. Just like a scientologist talking to someone shunned by scientology could get into some very trouble, they stand to immediately lose every single one of their "friends" if they just utter ONE wrong word.

Sounds like a nightmare

[–] Tq231442 Cervix owner 25 points

Chimamanda's books should be obligatory curriculum. I genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, believe she is one of this generation's artistic geniuses, the way people consider Mark Twain or Jules Verne or Tolstoy.

May I ask if you have a recommendation for which book of hers to read first? I've been meaning to read her work ever since I read her 'It is Obscene' essay, but I'm afraid I have little time or patience to read these days and wanted a convenient entry point.

Chimamanda is a goddess. The interviewer seemed to want to hog the spotlight for herself, w/ a dose of sanctimony.

The author of this article is afraid of her own shadow. How do you walk away from a meeting like that with no courage to show for it? Maybe she is using her persona to play "good cop, bad cop," in order to help Adichie to shine. If this isn't the case, then I suppose I have to credit her for at least quoting Adichie at length and including the excerpt.

The author of this article is a dedicated gender identity ideologue who saw in the opportunity to interview one of the great writers and great public figures of the day only a chance to signal her virtuous loyalty to her own reality-denying women-erasing tribe. A shit journalist, in short.

[–] ovaryacting Dilatemadaboutit 2 points

Very strong colonial overtones from the author here.

Reeks of 'I know better than this uppity woman and I don't need to engage with her because I do not see her as an intellectual equal.'