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"Det Con Sarah Le Boutillier, the investigating officer, said: "Throughout our interviews, Orton refused to accept that there was any wrongdoing and [claimed] that they were in fact the victim," she said."

He groomed and raped a child but claims he's the victim? How male of him.

That’s very typical of narcissists and child molesters, actually (for which the Venn diagram is nearly a circle).

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"penetrative sexual activity with a child" is the UK equivalent of statutory rape. It seems like the UK distinguishes between rape, which is penetration with a penis without the person's consent, and "penetrative sexual activity with a child" where the child did consent, i.e., the sexual activity was not against their will, but their consent is not legally valid because of their age.

I do understand why the law makes the distinction.

Thank you, I see now. I thought, though, that that loophole was to prevent, say, a 16yo being charged with rape for having consensual sex with his 15yo GF. This girl does not seem to have been mature enough to consent to sex and still less with someone so much older than her, so I find the outcome surprising nonetheless.

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"Romeo and Juliet" laws usually decriminalization consensual sex between teens close in age where one (or both) are under the age of consent, vs. making it a different crime. I think the distinction in the UK law, like US statutory rape laws, is to make sexual activity without consent, regardless of age, a more serious offense than sexual activity with an underage teen who is still a willing participant. From what I found online, UK law has different crimes based on the victim's age, under 13, 13 to under 16, and 16 to 18. The last category is for situation where the perpetrator is in a position of power, like a teacher or coach, even though the victim is over the legal age of consent, and has a lower maximum sentence, 5 years vs 14 years. So the penalty is still pretty significant.

Firstly, this is horrific.

Secondly, I am confused as to how they were let off the charges of rape? Can anyone explain this to me? I thought that if the victim was a minor, they could not give consent and therefore it was rape but maybe I am wrong?

That's how it works in the US, but in the UK rape requires the action of a penis (that is, only a man can rape someone). I have no idea the details but if I were to guess, I'd imagine they'd made a case on something to do with his gender identity preventing it being an official rape charge. Not sure. My Google searches have turned up nil

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Leicestershire Police - who said the 25-year-old identified as a woman at the time of the offences - were not able to give a current gender identity.


The defendant was also charged with raping the girl, but was found not guilty of this following the trial.


It uses the word 'groomed', yet politicians in the USA are calling for the labelling 'groomer' as a slur.

Can somebody PLEASE link that article that talks about gender dysphoria going hand-in-hand with cluster B personality disorders like narcissism, or sociopathy? Because I feel like that article is very relevant to what happened here.

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Not sure if this is the one you’re referring to, but: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4301205/

Interesting paper. It concerns only Iranians though, and I think we can imagine a few reasons why:

  1. LGB Iranians might be more likely to be diagnosed with cluster B disorders, and

  2. why LGB Iranians might be more likely to seek SRS.

Thanks for sharing this paper. I'll delve into it more later.