Will PenisNews be reporting on this or will they be writing another article about how JKR is a right-wing bigot? <checks> I guess it’s the latter.

Penis News Headline: "TERFs & JK Rowling are persecuting an innocent children's charity in an effort to push British trans kids into suicide!!"

For real, even if Mermaids is found guilty of money laundering or child sex trafficking or whatever, outlets like Penis News will either ignore it or find a way to make it our fault

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Fucking finally. Watch this house of cards fall down.

Just got to keep a watch out for any new org slithering in to take its place.

Only in the UK. It won't stop in America until the surgeons or the pharmaceutical companies get sued.

You're probably right. America needs a high profile lawsuit against the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies. And for the mainstream media to start reporting on crimes committed by TIMs.

But I do hope it shatters the false narrative people like John Oliver, Jon Stewart push that the only people pushing back are ring wing conservatives ("just like they did on gay rights!").

“Mermaids’ objects are to relieve the mental and emotional stress of children and young people affected by gender identity issues and their families, and to advance public education about the same.

The Commission opened a regulatory compliance case into the charity in September 2022 after safeguarding allegations were raised. It has now formalised its engagement by opening a statutory inquiry, due to newly identified issues about the charity’s governance and management.

The Commission will investigate the regulatory issues to determine whether they indicate serious systemic failing in the charity’s governance and management. The trustees have fully cooperated with the regulator’s case, but their response has not provided the necessary reassurance or satisfied the Commission at this stage.

The regulator will seek to determine whether the charity’s governance is appropriate in relation to the activities the charity carries out, which involve vulnerable children and young people, as well as their families.

The inquiry, which opened on 28 November 2022, will examine:

The administration, governance and management of the charity by the trustees including its leadership and culture. Whether the trustees have complied with and fulfilled their duties and responsibilities as trustees under charity law; in particular whether they had sufficient oversight of the charity’s activities and compliance with its policies and procedures and in line with its charitable objects. Whether there has been any misconduct and/or mismanagement by the trustees. It is the Commission’s policy, after it has concluded an inquiry, to publish a report detailing what issues the inquiry looked at, what actions were undertaken as part of the inquiry and what the outcomes were.”

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Knew something big was coming the way SG left in a flurry*. (Last minute late fri 25th announcement and this enquiry says it began mon the 28th)

Am glad it’s a safeguarding/cc one, because that’s easier to get schools to listen to than the results of LGBA judgement. (However unfair that maybe). And if parents raise safeguarding concerns over Mermaids in school because of this then we can question why they are using X organisation that uses the same gender unicorn or also has peado trustees or also recommends binders for teens, and so on.

And it will set the tone for a lot of problematic ‘charity’ organisations we have here infiltrating schools.

*because the wording made it obvious she was ousted yet they had no replacement.

Knew something big was coming the way SG left in a flurry.

But if the organization is going to be considered guilty of something criminal or unethical under her reign, isn' t she going to be held accountable anyway? Or since she' s not part of it anymore then whatever she has done is going to be wiped out?

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No, trustees are accountable here if it’s a charity. That’s their role, to ensure legal compliance and compliance with charity regulations and other regulatory requirements for their area (accounting/insurance etc etc).

At least one trustee has been there this whole time-Belinda bell I think, who has also been stupid enough to say a fuck tone of stupid shit in court during LGBA case, so public record-so will be on the hook somehow,* I expect many will and other members of mermaids, because green isn’t the sole problem by a long shot.

The amount of funding that has already been pulled-lottery etc- likely means they won’t survive anyways, not in the same way. But this could be a firm nail and could be a warning to similar ‘charities’.

*am not sold any of it will necessarily mean criminal charges, but it might somewhere and there are other consequences. But she can be held accountable, at least criminally if this is the case, even though she’s left. And probably other ways also.

**also a good thing this, and all the other big/permanent changes (Cass review, new nhs services, DfE guidance, Alison Bailey taking it to high court, LGBA case etc) happen before next election because it’s almost certain Labour will get in, or a coalition of some form. So we need Labour and libdem women able to speak up on this now, to influence MPs to speak up, and for changes to be firmed up wherever possible beforehand. (We really need Stammer out. A change of leadership could provide the opportunity for golden bridges to work).

the wording made it obvious she was ousted yet they had no replacement.

That's interesting SecondSkin. What is it about the wording that leads you to think this? It was, odd for sure, but to me it just seemed inscrutable and gnomic.

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In a few years she grew MM from a parent support group staffed only by volunteers to a multi million pound charity that employs full time staff and has many volunteers who benefit from using it on applications, given its very high profile with celebrities and MPs and so on. If she had truly left voluntarily the statement would have been glowing and going on about how she’s always part of the MM family and how they are so grateful to her and all the trans children whose lives she saved yadda yadda yadda. But it was very terse. And tense.

In comparison there was a head teacher at a school my friends kids go to, who resigned before being pushed, because he had a sexual relationship with a pupil (who was 18 and she’d finished her a levels technically and he wasn’t her teacher or head of that school then, so technically it’s not termed rape even though it fucking still is imho) and the statement the school issued when he resigned was glowing about how much they learned from him and how he’d always be a part of the school community etc (very gross) despite my friends claiming school are horrified and embarrassed by what he did (decades previously at a different school)(but these friends are possibly just stupid. Or hopeful)

MM statement looks like get the fuck gone to me. What’s the saying about silence screaming loudest or something? It’s virtually no lines and a chasm of between.

The fact they had no replacement suggests it also, most CEOs would need to give several months notice at least, to let someone be found to replace them. And if that wasn’t possible because of the circumstances for leaving it would normally be explained publicly in an appropriate manor to not leave the organisation looking bad.

HOOO boy. The shit is really starting to hit the fan now.

The Commission opened a regulatory compliance case into the charity in September 2022 after safeguarding allegations were raised. It has now formalised its engagement by opening a statutory inquiry, due to newly identified issues about the charity’s governance and management.

And the more they dig, the more horrifying skeletons they will find.

So now we know why Green flew the coop. LOL

I hope this inquiry finally brings them down. They've done so much harm.

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Does anyone have the scoop on what prompted the regulators to start the inquiry? How does this process work? Does someone report something?

And I really want to know: Is Emma Watson still donating money to MM? What's up with her total silence on MM and trans power lately?