[–] Nediljka_Orwell PITA crone 21 points

Ah. I love the smell of high profile detransitioner in the evening.

He needs to write a second book now, with a terfy co author.

[–] ProxyMusic 29 points Edited

bragging that TIMs are "lethal" and that Beck personally is "more lethal than 87% of the entire [US] Marine Corps."

How testosterone-y of “her”.

[–] GCRadFem 20 points

Twenty year Navy SEAL, with one of the most intense and grueling training programs in the military, yet, he was “confused and naive”.

Yeah, no. He has some other damage going on…

Beck talked about being “propagandized” and “used badly by a lot of people” because he was naive. He went on to cite gender ideology as one of the reasons why people are becoming transgender, adding that confused children are being “talked into this” and will not listen to people like himself.

Beck served in the Navy SEALs for 20 years on special operations teams, including the famed SEAL Team Six. Over the course of 13 deployments, he received over 50 awards and medals for his service, i

It is well-known in AGP circles that AGP and related sissy fetishes have a strong correlation with males in extremely "masculine" occupations. When you get a group of AGPs together and they think it is a private space where they can talk freely amongst themselves, they will often talk about this link. Their occupations are usually things like cop, prison guard, construction, military. They often front themselves as "men's men", extremely masculine and rugged and tough.

This guy isn't naive. Confused, maybe. Propagandized? Almost certainly. Most AGPs are. They will swallow pretty much any fantasy-based lie in order to rationalize why they are doing the things they are doing, why they hold the views about women that they hold (and try to achieve for themselves). He was looking for a justification, and he found it. He wanted it to be true, because it would excuse ideas and behaviors that he knows aren't actually acceptable in polite society.

[–] vulvapeople 23 points Edited

He had a major meltdown at an airport over his penis getting flagged by the scanner. He claimed it was the worst "oppression" he'd ever experienced, and he lived in the South. (So much for the gangs of terfs hunting down TIMs anywhere outside of Portland, OR.)

There's no way he was confused or naive. He's a fetishist and power tripper who's now experiencing regret, and presumably he's not so pathetic to become a hermit ala Renee Richards and other longtime TIMs. Detransition also might be a way to get attention now that the media are bored with him.

Re Beck's infamous 2016 airport meltdown:

the two agents thought she was a man despite her long hair, breasts and low cut dress.

'I'm a female,' she said she told them. 'It's no big deal.'

A male supervisor was soon contacted who was due to pat Beck down.

'These are my real boobs, he's not going to pat me down,' she recalls telling agents.

'This is wrong. I'm a female, it says female on my Maryland driver's license. This is the real me.'

A female staff member 'under duress' then searched [Beck]...

The duress of the female staff member of course gets not further mention or exploration.

After the ordeal was over and [Beck] went through to her departure gate she took to Facebook to vent her frustration.

'I'm sad, for TSA, our country, our future... Why is this so difficult?' she wrote.

'Oh, the kicker. I'm flying to Kansas City to give a HUMAN RIGHTS speech at Department of Justice Bureau of Prisons on rights and treatment etc.'

Beck commented that she had trained some TSA staff members on dealing with transvestite passengers last year and after seeing the post management from the body have reached out to her.




So he blames his therapist and CNN, but doesn' shoulder any responsibility himself?


He definitely has some responsibility, but there's a reason we license healthcare providers. They are supposed to be gatekeepers, and they are falling down on the job. Someone somewhere along the line should have advised him to stop, that he couldn't actually achieve what he was after.

[–] ProxyMusic 27 points Edited

I'm watching the full interview now - am only about 25 minutes into it - and he seems to be taking a fair bit of responsibility. He seems genuinely upset by the transitioning of children and the indoctrination of all children into gender identity ideology that has taken place since he first became a big-name "transgender" public figure. Some excerpts:

I look back at my life and I see how [as an adult] I destroyed everything in my life that was holy, the temple of god, our bodies, what we have here ... How does a 13-year-old do this? How does a 13-year old speaking to an adult, a psychologist, a PhD, how are they gonna have a fair break, you think they're gonna have a chance?

As someone in his 50s, whatever happened to me as a kid and how I grew up... Everyone suffers. Everyone has things that happen to 'em. It's normal. It's life. What happened to me should not be an excuse for psychologists to push their agenda [on kids]... And that's what they are doing. Now we all suffer. I should have figured it out. I wish I had someone that would have helped me. I would have seen a lot of trauma, isolation, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders... [Instead] I walked into a psychologist's office [at the VA] and in one hour I had a letter stating that I was transgender and authorizing me for hormones... All of that was paid for by the VA, and I am sorry to the American people for that.

This is killing our kids. Kids are dying. And it's killing me, because I helped do that. Look at CNN and how they used me. My image is being used to hurt these kids.

Everything that happened to me for the past 10 years was horrible, it destroyed my life. I destroyed my life. I'm not a victim. I did it to myself. But I had help, darn it.

I will beat myself up the rest of my life because of all those videos and the things I said...

Tellingly, he says that during his "transgender" phase he was also on massive amounts opioids (which he would crush and snort) and a host of psych meds, all courtesy of the VA.

He makes a good point that society has pushed gender identity ideology so far that we've gone way beyond "normalizing" being trans-identified to "popularizing" it and promoting it to young people as preferred, superior way of being. He also says that trans-identified people are being given awards, called courageous and held up as heroic not for doing anything, but "just for showing up."

He says he's against anyone being able to get "gender affirming" medical interventions until they are over 25.

Sounds like he was dealing with a lot of trauma and thought that would be a way out.

I’m definitely not saying that AGP doesn’t exist or that he isn’t one (I don’t know who he is), but 1000% see many many of the trans people as running from whatever other issues they have and latching onto this as though it will “save” them.

[–] 99bottles 2+2=4 14 points

You got it. That's the whole problem with the "personal responsibility" argument, when it comes to medical care. Sick people like myself pay doctors for proper guidance and treatment. That's why we even go to them in the first place. So for us to be blamed when the professionals we trusted lead us down the wrong path is wrong.

They never do. They might have threatened, guilty tripped, lied, cheated, but it' s never their fault, it' s always everyone else' s, their parents for not stopping them, the doctors for not dissuading them, feminists for not fighting trans ideology enough...

Is this the dude who turned out to be a massive abuser and threatened to put Ben Shapiro in an ambulance?


[–] immersang ★♫☆❉★♬☆ 3 points

First I thought so, too. But according to the article he called himself "Kristin", and I distinctly remember that the one who threatened Shapiro called himself "Zoey". (Because the combination of that huge ass man with that girly girl's name was hysterical to me.)