People being sex attracted is "not a sexuality" according to this guy. Dude, the hint is in the word: "sexuality".

Then what's a sexuality? Being a "gay" man who's sexually attracted to both biological men (who aren't TIMs) and TIFs? But TIFs's sex is female, and being a gay man means being a homosexual who's sexually attracted to men. In that case, that "gay" man is a bisexual who prefers actual males. Are they claiming that everyone is atttacted to trans people (aka shoving themself down everyone's throat by guilt tripping) but some prefer cis people? Does that mean everyone is a bisexual or a pansexual? TRAs are erasing gays, lesbians, and straights.

Obviously the word sexuality is hate speech and must be replaced with genderuality.

Has anyone ever actually tried to explain why it can't be a sexuality?

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Come on, this is the basics. Definitions of women or female that don't include men are bigotry.

The whole "genital preference" thing is rape-y and controlling. It's not a preference. People have genital preferences the way lactose intolerant people prefer not to drink milk. It's not optional.

not a great metaphor, lactose intolerant people usually aren't repulsed by milk or chee se the way lesbians are repulsed by dick. some lactose intolerant folks quite love dairy, it just gives 'em a tummy ache, so...that CAN be optional, albeit a bad option 😅 haha