I'm loving seeing the TRAs flip their shit over this lol but at the same time I can't get over how ridiculous it is that women have been talking about this for years, lesbians being sexually harassed by TIMs, women being raped by these men in prisons, rape crisis centres being vandalised and this young fella talking shite on a teen's app is getting more traction than any of the women who have dedicated so much of their lives to fighting this issue 🙃

I'm loving seeing the TRAs flip their shit over this lol but at the same time I can't get over how ridiculous it is that women have been talking about this for years, lesbians being sexually harassed by TIMs, women being raped by these men in prisons, rape crisis centres being vandalised and this young fella talking shite on a teen's app is getting more traction than any of the women who have dedicated so much of their lives to fighting this issue 🙃


[–] NotCis 123 points

It does bother me, but at the same time I think we just need to ride the Tiktok wave on this one. It's always hard to tell what is going to gain traction and go viral and this time, this random boy's post did. What I really want to do, though, is really document what women have been advocating for years. We deserve not only the credit, but more attention to the real negative impacts of this ideology on women. Hopefully we can get that now. I think there are going to be some bad actors in this new movement, but hopefully some actual allies for women as well.

I feel like it's just going to be men taking credit once again tbh. Pretty sure these guys don't give af about women, I've already seen them saying seriously misogynist shit on the sub like about "protecting their bloodlines" and women "fitting their standards".

It'll be like the Pornhub thing. Rose Kalemba and Laila Mickelwait are responsible for Pornhub's take down. They worked tirelessly, Laila was on that every single day. She made real change. Then this male journalist comes along, writes about it, ignores not Laila but the victims and when he received lavish praise all he can say is "Thanks :)". Totally marginalised the women who did pretty much all of the fucking work.

Yeah, I know what you mean and I sympathize, but I've had to settle for what is going to get us results. I take comfort in the fact that we have a pretty well-researched and documented feminist history of dealing with these issues way before men ever cared. Even if they never read it, I have it and we have it.

Exactly. This is pretty much exactly what's happened all throughout history. The whole "On the basis of sex" thing was only won because it was a man being discriminated against.

If it results in better material conditions for women, I'm thankful. At times that's the best we can hope for.

Don't let perfect be the enemy of the good.

Yeah this is the likely scenario and worse, because we've already seen it for years - we will be blamed for genderism even existing, because we already are. Apparently transgenderism is just an extension of everything feminism has fought for. "See what equality gets you? Men in your spaces." sigh. It's absolutely possible that the backlash against genderism will just be more or even an increase in anti-feminism and anti-women stuff.

I've had that said to me. Feminism/women's lib is, was, and will always be a civil rights movement. Men who say stuff like that are saying "accept 2nd class status and we won't rape or kill you". the shining example of islam proves that they will in fact rape and kill us.

I feel like it's just going to be men taking credit once again tbh

Yeah I see this coming. If there's ever going to be major backlash about gender identity it'll be because men, and not even gender critical ones, have had enough. Not because of women or radical feminists.

"protecting their bloodlines" and women "fitting their standards".

I think we were talking to the same guy. The one who used the term "barren" to describe undesirable women and said he required his wife to give him kids?

Yes and No. Something like the Vancouver Rape Crisis Center affects people very locally. Also the entire situation takes time to explain. It's hard to go to a normie and even begin to tell them how this all started. The TikTok video OTOH--is something that affects people across the board. It also only takes a few seconds to get the message across.

Another thing is, I try to imagine if a 16 y.o girl had made that video instead. (She'd get death threats and worse for sure so she'd know better to even try.) Her video could have gone viral and she would've likely gotten even more support from SuperStraight dudes. But her inbox will also likely die from thousands of straight men messaging her too. And I wouldn't want any girl to have to deal with that. So in the end, this is only best outcome if it has to be this way.

When a lesbian girl did if she got nothing but rape and death threats as well doxxing. The only people who defended her was us. Men didn't give af.

I was thinking if a straight girl had made this (because a straight boy made it). But yeah, I can see a lesbian girl wouldn't be able to get anyone to defend her.

Irked? Sure. Surprised, no. I mean society is always far more interested in trivialities than in in-depth information. Sloganeering is easily consumed and requires no thought. That’s one of the reasons trans caught on. Meanwhile our thoughtful nuanced responses are ignored and dismissed.

Social media is quirky and capricious. Marketers spend billions trying to trend and this kid comes along and blows up for no good reason. It’s impossible to predict viralability that’s what makes it so frustrating.

Most people come to social media for entertainment and distraction. SuperStraight is an easy to understand slogan that requires no thought, and for god’s sake no reading or research. Perish the thought.

It’s unfortunate but we have to deal with people where they are but hopefully we’ve learned a lesson: keep it short and pithy. Don’t bury the lede. Most people are not going to read a thesis length document. I really became more aware of this when I developed eye problems. My eyes tire easily and I can’t read lengthy expositions anymore. If you can’t make a point in a sentence or two no one is going to read it.

Should we subtly inject some radfem shit into posts on the sub? lol

Most assuredly. Just remember to keep it short.

Most guys have no idea this shit is even going on. My husband who is not on any social media is stunned every time I share it with him. Even men who are on social media seriously limit their interest. Most people think trans are just gay men who took it to another level.

The whole SuperStraight thing plays directly into that. I mean, we all knew it would only be a matter of time before they took it there. Some gay men and that includes HSTS fetishize straight men the way straight men and AGPs fetishize lesbians. They’re two sides of the same coin.

Straight men reacted in a predictable manner and got a predictable response. Again we’ve been telling them this for decades. Do you. Leave lesbians alone. Leave kids alone. Leave sports alone. They ignored us with also predictable results.

Most interesting to me is where are the usual suspects? Why hasn’t Clymer said anything? Isn’t he PR for the HRC? Is he waiting for it to die out? I don’t think it will. The memeing is out of control and hilarious.

[–] Monchichi 9 points Edited

Already being done. Keep it short and snappy. Keep it light and humorous. Troll but with serious, succinct inserts. Nobody wants lectures or rants, the people in the hashtag are there to have a fun, good time. Stick with that.

[–] Verdandi 28 points Edited

keep it short and pithy. Don’t bury the lede. Most people are not going to read a thesis length document.

Thank god someone said it! It blows my mind that some people honestly think people are going to be invested and interested in soporific research articles.

Like, when have humans EVER been like that??

Look, I love my fellow radfems, but there is this heavy streak of intense ASD/OCD like behavior present that is really REALLY off-putting to most people. It's this mindset that everyone thinks exactly alike and is interested in the exact same things.

I'm a pragmatist. I want to WIN. I don't want any ideological victories that leave women in worse conditions because I don't understand people have short attention spans. Literally nobody wins in that scenario.

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 3 points

Couldn’t agree more. TL:DR is real. Hell, I haven’t the patience to read through long pieces or even news articles here. Like @dixiechick547, my eyes aren’t up to it (especially since text is so damn small) and endless, depressing screeds, however important, are extremely off-putting.

Agree on the trivialties. I always felt like gay rights took off in the 90s not because of the AIDs crisis, or oppression and bullying, but because Madonna and other celebrities depicted the gay world as trendy and fun. That's what people respond to.

[–] yikesforever 67 points Edited

I think it's because the real issues that affect women are so fucking dark, many people don't want to look at and deal with them or even just think about it. Real feminism is depressing as hell.

[–] Verdandi 22 points Edited

This is why it's so hard to convince other women. They have to shove those dark feelings down every single day just to move forward and cope.

If we start saying "women who experience XYZ are victims" they think, well I've experienced XYZ, am I a victim? And the word victim is a slur to us, because most victims are women and we despise women.

The denial overrides common sense because without that denial most women would be living on psych wards.

[+] [Deleted] 32 points

It is annoying, but I’ll take the win and enjoy the payback trolling.

[–] Dark_Mercy 25 points Edited

Same old-- only males matter.

Edit: and yeah, it's annoying

Also notice how the TRAs immediately direct their hate towards the kid's mom, then again I've seen stuff like this all the time :(

YEP! Women suffer yet again for the actions of men. In this case a man's betrayal of but one aspect of rape culture.

Another factor is that he's under-age. They all know what it's going to mean if he gets rape threats. But an adult woman? Sure! Why not?

Eh. I respect him for having the guts. I'm not gonna take that away from him. At the same time, yes, people should have banded together and stood up for common sense a long time ago, not waited for a social media maelstrom to start.

Guts? Dudes get away with this shit no bother. Even in this guy's case it was his mam who got the rape and death threats 😭

Yes, it's annoying. But honestly, we all knew this would happen. Only straight men speaking up are heard. Now let's see if our prediction that "this will all be blamed on feminists" will come true!

Well they're already referring to "superphobes" as SERFs so 🙃

I've only ever seen it explained as Radical fascist/fanatic.

It’s already has. I didn’t waste time reading the details but they have a big conspiracy theory that 4chan secretly taught “terfs on Ovarit” about Nazi tactics... something something... right wing propaganda ... something something... we want to obliterate the solar system, probably.

You know, the usual fiction.

LMAO, the projection is off the charts. So many TRAs are the ones who hang out too much on 4chan, especially on lgbt (aka tttt) and the disgusting porn threads.

I've definitely heard from some gross dudes like Ben Shapiro that "this is what the feminists wanted!" and that's what I'm scared of. They will blame the twisted and misogynistic "liberal feminists" for genderism (and they won't be completely wrong...), but they can't understand that libfems are not what true feminism is about.


I was thinking this all of yesterday. It absolutely frustrates me that dumb shit made by unaware people (usually men) get more traction and respect than the actual suffering of women, and the voices of genuine activists.

[–] linsin [OP] 14 points Edited

I'd honestly do without it. I know loads of people are happy TRAs are getting a taste of their own medicine but if you look at the sub as well men are literally objectifying women on there, posting pics of actresses being like being like "my sexuality matters!" and saying sexist shit like calling women "barren".

This is bad for the radical feminist fight against gender ideology. We're being marginalised out of the discourse yet again and men who are actually quite sexist are at the forefront, yet again.

Completely with you on this. Many on various platforms (e.g. ovarit, saidit, etc) worship "SuperStraights", eventhough their "movement" arose as a response to these men being homophobic ("SS" men mocking LGB individuals and the various forms of oppression they experience daily by claiming that they are "oppressed", being like "eww what man would sleep with trans women, trans women are guys, that's so gay!!!"), and misogynistic ("SS" men belittling single and childfree women, demanding women follow the traditional "feminine" gender roles and serve them or else they are "barren").

They do far more damage to women and LGB. I wish "SuperStraight" never happened.

I agree completely. Key being "marginalised out of the discourse."

We need to start reclaiming these spaces.

It was always going to be this way. More and more normies are getting peaked and TRAs are getting bolder and more absurd. Most of us always knew that nothing would change until hetero males were being affected. It’s all because of trans overreach. Critical mass is close to being achieved and the backlash isn’t going to be short, or pretty.

We didn’t trigger this but we have years’ worth of receipts.

Why oh why didn't we set up a betting pool over this . . . 🤦🏻‍♀️

Yes, I’m irked by it, outraged in fact. However, we live in a patriarchy so I expected this.

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