I hope more attorneys get in on this. The only way this bullshit stops is if it starts kicking people in the wallet.

I’m disgusted by the healthcare practitioners who are signing on for this

Didn’t we kill enough with the opioid epidemic

The 50th anniversary of the end of the horrific Tuskegee experiment was yesterday. It lasted for 40 years, from 1932 to 1972. Hopefully the era of gender exploitation in medicine doesn't last as long. And that its perpetrators are similarly shamed like the Mengele wannabes they are.

In a related story, the CDC director got massively ratioed by Black Twitter this week, for insensitive wording in a tweet that lauded the victims for their "sacrifice." As though they willingly signed up to fight in a war. Which seems to indicate it's going to take a long time to root out the insularity and arrogance of the "medical community" even if we manage to stop their gruesome experimentation practices.


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This whole trans kid grift is just a modern version of the Tuskegee Experiment. Except now it's being performed on kids who are (or are perceived to be) GNC, autistic, or gay. Hell, I'd argue its worse than Tuskegee because its being done out in the open and the rest of us are being forced to pretend that it's a wonderful thing to block a 9 year old's puberty and cut off a thirteen year old's breasts. Tuskegee had to be done in secret because, even in the 1930s, most people would have been uncomfortable with using Black people as lab rats by not telling them they had a potentially life ruining disease (and the Black community was rightfully furious when they found out what was going on). But the trans cult has convinced people to volunteer their bodies and their children's bodies for this insane experiment. And its convinced many young gay people that they're better off being "fixed" by transitioning to the opposite sex

And girls who were victims of male violence and children in care- according to the Cass review and transgender trend research.

It’s herding up the most vulnerable groups of girls, keeping them in child bodies and brains and then destroying them with other meds and surgeries. And making them feel culpable, because they chose this by claiming to be trans. It’s preying on and culling some of the worlds most vulnerable groups of girls.

And I’m betting even when this all stops, these groups of detrans or trapped in transition, girls, will be ignored and discarded as usual. It will be ‘solutions’ like open third spaces and sports-so girls have their own and TiFs share with TiMs and NBs and so on. So sacrificing these girls who have been brainwashed to save others and keep the peace.

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I think it will take less time than the Tuskegee horror. It is middle class White children that are most affected by this, who will become White mutilated adults, and as White people in a country valuing White voices most, they are likely to root it out faster than any of the malpractices performed (and continuing to be performed) on POC in the US. Take for example the shame and humiliation doctors feel at the mention of lobotomies. They don't feel shame about Tuskegee like they do the lobotomies because it was only Black people affected by Tuskegee experiment, but for lobotomy, White people were also lobotomised. The difference in compassion is pretty obvious to me.

Didn’t we kill enough with the opioid epidemic

Unethical quacks needed a new revenue stream once they could no longer hand out opioids like candy. The hormone grift is a perfect replacement because the quack can just cry TRANSPOBE at anyone who questions the number of blocker & hormone prescriptions flowing from their clinic


I remember the ‘candyman’ docs would cry ‘what about their pain’ blb blb

The same quacks, different duckpoop

Its even worse because pain is a legitimate issue (and some chronic pain sufferers have been harmed by the strict opioid restrictions put in place). There is ZERO reason to medically transition a healthy person

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Any chance of an archived link to be able to read the whole thing?

I think Substack has a hard paywall. If you can afford it though, it's probably worth kicking Wes a few bucks. There's an option for a 7-day trial.