Prisoners should never be given the option to transition. Fuck no, you don't get to shoot up wrong sex hormones and wear makeup and act out your fetish on my dime.

[–] Eava 38 points

They can wear all the makeup they want and grow out their hair, but they can do it in men's prisons.

Oh no, but we have to protect them from violence after they were violent to women. And protect their rights after they took away those woman’s rights. (Heavy sarcasm implied)

Hair, yes. Makeup no. That's supporting fetish behaviour and it's not fair to women who have no access to same. Nobody should have access to it.

[–] Eava 10 points

Depends on the prison. Not all women's prisons ban cosmetics. The prisons don't provide them, but women can purchase them or people can send them. There are usually limits on what they can have.

Richard Speck did that and claimed to be having the time of his life. All TIMs can follow suit.

Even if we were to pretend it’s “genuine”, they’re in prison to be punished; not getting to move to the women’s prison or to get hormones and surgery should be part of that punishment.

[–] istara -10 points

Violent prisoners, yes. Certainly they shouldn't get the option of going to the prison of the sex they abused.

Someone in prison for a fraud or traffic offence, that's different.

It doesn' t matter what kind of crime they have committed, men, even the harmless ones, shouldn' t go to women' s prison.

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 12 points

Why should women be subjected to the presence of any man when they’re in prison? Even if he has never committed violence against women, whether incarcerated for it or not, it is a violation of their rights.

It's a violation of the Geneva Convention, which has a stipulation that women prisoners shall be kept separate from men

How is that different lol. The reasons I gave remain the same.

Here is a man who claimed to be trans while in prison and was not given permission to transition by the authorities. He has now reverted back to his male identity and birth name.

One wonders if this would be the case whenever authorities didn’t play pandering games? Would we see more incidents of male aggressors figuring that it didn’t work so they’re suddenly not trans anymore? I’ve no doubt that Denyer’s end game was to end up in a women’s prison.

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 22 points

The Frankston serial killer. That piece of shit was originally sentenced to life without parole, but on appeal it was reduced to 30 years. He’s due for parole next year. He’s fifty. How long before he murders more women once he’s out?

"Oi, can I have a go at the Sheila prison?"

"Nah, mate. Not with an ugly boot of a face loike that."

"Awl roight."

Is how I imagine that conversation went.

[–] Hopscotch 16 points Edited

Male prisoners are given the option of frivolous hormone treatments and vanity genital surgeries while female prisoners are forced to give birth chained to hospital beds and denied to right to raise their infants.

Denyer, aged 20–21 started to stalk and attack a number of women

Just what they need in women’s prison.

I don’t think most give any fucks about these women. Women forced into the sex trade, seeking escapism in drugs, chemically addicted, pushed to self defense, mentally ill, poor, desperate.

You hear a lot of boo-hoo about men in prison, but no, not women though.

If he gave fuck all about the rights of the women he victimized, why does he need extra curricular privileges on the tax payer’s dime? No one needs that shit, no matter how much they try to blackmail people with threats of suicide.

I say he should go for it. Protect more victims.

no matter how much they try to blackmail people with threats of suicide.

I understand that prisons have a duty of care to try to keep prisoners from killing themselves, but that involves taking away their shoelaces and belts, not caving to their every whim.

Why do people give so many fucks about prisoners’ gender identity? Of all the people you can feel sorry for this is who you choose to pay attention to? They would say and do anything to get out of prison.

A million times this. They're in fucking prison. Has everyone forgotten that? Like at an absolute minimum, anyone that didn't show GNC behavior before their crime gets instantly denied everything, period. Oh you wanted to be a woman since you were 5 did you? And..... you decided to tell exactly no one until most of your rights got taken away? Just no, I can't with these clowns.

I like the idea of cutting their dicks off but having the small print say they have to stay in the mens

After the procedure as he is packing up to transfer

“Oh, I’m sorry I thought there was a misunderstanding OOOOPSIE”

This is great. I wish that the US would read this story and learn from it.

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 1 points

Be great if he was in for life, but like Morales, he’s due for parole next year. He murdered three women, basically ten years for each victim.