2 zoom calls and she’s approved for major surgery - bloody hell. Hopefully all these butchers are eventually sued so far into oblivion no surgeon will dare remove a healthy woman’s breasts again.

Either I’ve heard of this case before, or this is the second story where it only took 2 zooms calls. But I think it is a different person.

What are you kidding? There is NO way that doctors and hospitals are giving life altering surgery and medication with only a couple meetings. — the Establishment

Turns out it was the same case, but like yeah if they did it to her then it’s unlikely she was the only one. The others just haven’t spoken out. I knew they were putting people on hormones and okaying surgery after only a couple of meetings, but you would think they would display some caution when they can’t actually see the patient in person.

Thanks, yeah it was her, I read a dailymail article where they didn’t mentioned the ptsd part, so that’s why it felt like it could be someone else

Healthy breast removal surgery in august 2020 when the pandemic was causing havoc and healthcare workers were on the edge and needed very badly in covid wards…

Kiefel during a period in her 20s when she identified as non-binary following coursework in gender studies at Portland State University.

The hell are they teaching on those courses?

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Gender studies, formerly women’s studies, is teaching the concepts of gender, sex, and gender expression. Sex is a social construct. We are a blank slate, except not when it relates to gender expression which are essentialist views of gender. Insert more cognitive dissonance and gender identity propaganda about David Reimer and John Money. Then splash in some “sex work is empowering” and women can like porn views.

Source: Am an alumni from this school and want my money back.

the fact that they use David Reimer's case to justify transgenderism is disgusting. finding out about this was my first peak trans.

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One of my degrees (not from this school) is in social history and while I didn't specialize in "women's studies" I took a LOT of those classes. I'm so grateful I went to college before this nonsense took over. I can't imagine sitting in class and having to pretend that some smelly unwashed nerd in a dress and bondage collar is facing anything akin to the struggles of Susan B. Anthony, Carry Nation, etc.

The woman who taught the woman-centric history classes was the sort of kick-ass feminist strong woman that I aspired to be, the kind of woman who made girls be proud of being girls... I hope she hasn't been sucked into this gender woo. I know so many women I once considered "feminists" who have. :-(

I just looked up that case and holy fuck. I had known about David, but I didn't know the extent of the research involving his twin and "sex rehearsal play". W T F

I hope she wins. The cult is sick for trying to silence people like her.

Also, I’m so done with specialist doctors. They don’t give a fuck. They will take your money for the procedure very happily but would rather die than provide aftercare and help! THEY JUST WANT MONEY

This is a start. It’s not enough, though. The school propagandists, the drug companies, the libraries – ANYONE spreading gender propaganda directed at CHILDREN should be held criminally liable.

I went to the same university and can confirm this university is a brainwashing institution on these ideas. I hope she wins but she’s in Oregon State court. They are very liberal courts. Even so, I hope she negotiates a deal with the hospital and the hospital agrees to change its policies.

I wish her all the best and I hope both clinics are forced to pay significant damages.

Good. Seriously, getting rid of a person's normal, healthy body part just because they're conflicted about their own identity? That shouldn't be legal. Doctors who would chop off a person's perfectly healthy arm, leg, or breast just because the patient said so are doctors that need to be watched.

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