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Fighting sexism and outdated gender roles by declaring yourself trans/nb is like fighting climate change by moving somewhere where you think the weather's nicer.

Amen. Sexism comes for all women in the end just as climate change will come for every human.

I'm really curious to see if she "comes out" as trans a year or two from now.

Heartbreaking if so. Still havent gotten over Ellen Page.

Her fifteen minutes are running out. So I predict it happening soon (likely once they pick a new naive child to be their climate change mascot now that Greta is a legal adult). Especially since she has grifter parents

Her parents made her manic then claimed being on the spectrum gave her superpowers. They profited off her, of course. My guess is she's going to shoot for nonbinary.

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Being able to claim that your child is disabled and thus worthy of pity, is a thing with mothers who thrive on attention. It also helps cover up any abuse that may have created or heavily contributed to delayed development. Mothers who thrive on attention are known to castrate, harm, or in other ways abuse their child to make it more pitiful. This is a form of abuse that is seldom spoken about.

Parents and teachers in Sweden do push for specific disabilities to be applied to children for a variety of reasons that are not always in the child's best interests. Mental health professionals have been known to ignore trauma and signs of abuse, sometimes re-interpreting things wildly in order to claim a child as disabled rather than traumatised.

Publicly revealing that a child has a disability that makes it less able to understand social situations, sounds to me like painting a big fat target on the child's back. Her being disabled has been paraded front, right, and centre as well as being used as a cudgel for national media against her critics.

I'm not saying she isn't disabled, but speaking from a Swedish perspective, there are too many circumstances adding up to a picture that hints at child/familial abuse going on behind closed doors.

I hate that she's too deep in the cult to see how this harms her climate change activism. How are we supposed to "believe the science" when these same activists who scream about climate change also say dumb shit like, "Some males have a magical girl soul that turns them into a real girl the moment they announce she/her pronouns" or "There’s no safety issue with letting penis people freely enter female spaces. And if you object to male rapists being locked in female prisons, you're a bigot who is literally trying to Holocaust the trans community"

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As a poster on that Twitter thread said - “Believe the science (that you agree with).”

Someone let her know that her own home country has washed its hands of this crap. I knew it, she was destined to be one of those exploited child celebrities who ends up a headcase upon reaching adulthood. The environmental movement's Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, etc. Macaulay Culkin in braided pigtails.

She apparently backed a bunch of pro-trans stuff, but STILL got called “transphobic” for the small penis joke that had fuck all to do with anyone trans or anything trans.

So good luck to her! She’ll need it!

Literally goddamn whatttttttt how could that possibly be transphobic!?

Men will say anything to try and silence women— which is why they rarely say anything of value

Exactly. If you try to appease them, they smell blood

If you stay silent rhey leave you alone, afraid you will ralk sense.

If you show willingness to play along, it’s like IT FLAT OUT IS trying to show respect to a group of cultists. They’ll try to pull you in and control you.

I wish there were a better space for spectrumy girls. The isolation and pressure (especially in teen years) (and even now, when people are more aware and accepting of it than they were a few decades ago) can be really awful. So many of the social spaces that welcome spectrumy kids are ones that just want the numbers/warm bodies to squeeze into their flagship jars, and don't have individuals' best interests at heart.

Yes!!! Being a young woman is really lonely. It feels like the only people paying attention to you are pervy men, and they sexualize you and make you feel terrible about your body.

I have two friends (more acquaintances at this point since it's been over ten years since I've seen them in person) who have college-aged daughters on the spectrum, and they both now identify as boys. One started with they/them over the pandemic and, within six months, was referred to as he/him. It's just so sad.

They are getting sucked into a cult just because they do not have the brain wiring to take conventional male/female behavior scripts on board and don't see the "love bombing". ;( I saw the same happen with a relative, he got sucked into an incel-ish group (for a while) because he felt there was no good-match identity space for him out there.

i've never seen that trans symbol with the feminist symbol inside... very odd to see as a gender critical feminist where to me (us) it seems like gender identity and feminism are at odds with each other.

It’s just one more thing TIPs are taking from women. Soon, all of our symbols will be theirs, and all of our heroines will be trans or non-binary. They are hellbent on erasing us.

It's the masculine name-writing urge, similar to how graffiti is all about scribbling your name on everything to "claim" it

I was very confused on Twitter because an account was using the suffragette flag colors in their profile, but was also clearly trans and a TRA. They are like little children, who if they see someone has something they don't, they have to have it too.

Are you talking about the linked account? I think that one is satirical. If you're talking about a different account if I remember correctly one of the genderspecial "flags" share those colors

Its yet another thing the gender-specials can't let us have to ourselves. They have to colonize everything

She posted this back in March, for international women's day (🙄). Sweden has taken a few steps back from the trans bullshit since then, hoping she has as well.

She hasn't. She implicitly supported the TRAs who shut down the screening of a feminist movie in Scotland a few weeks ago.

Is she? Just because she's wearing a trans support hat? Honestly most of the younger adults I know are into this sort of thing and they're not trans. It's the Free East Timor badge of the 20s.

Poor child, no one deserves to be struck into spotlight against nations of people as a child. Her parents fed her to the sharks.