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such an exciting development...there is hope after all!

Hopefully this encourages more Democratic politicians to take a more critical approach to this issue.

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The replies are so predictable. “You’re responsible for children killing themselves. Do you even know any trans people? Educate yourself.”

“Comparing gender affirmation to tattoos means you think trans is a choice. I can’t believe I voted for a bigot.”

And my favorite: “Why are you ignoring our harassment??”

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And my favorite: “Why are you ignoring our harassment??”

Do they mean the harassment they have been committing?

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I’m paraphrasing but yeah, there was one where someone said, like, “of course he’s ignoring us,” basically complaining he hadn’t immediately capitulated to TRA backlash on Twitter lol

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they have to mean that right? lol oop, freudian slip haha