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Thank God. To me, this is the most important issue. Sports and bathrooms are one thing. Performing irreversible surgeries and giving cross-sex hormones to children, many of them not even teenagers, is another matter entirely.

Receipts for TRA lurkers who refuse to believe this happens:

The mean (SD) age at chest surgery in this cohort was 17.5 (2.4) years (range, 13-24 years), with 33 (49%) being younger than 18 years. Of the 33 postsurgical participants younger than 18 years at surgery, 16 (48%) were 15 years or younger


Of the 11 surgeons who had performed vaginoplasty on a transgender female minor, 10 were in private practice. Reported ages of minors undergoing surgery ranged from 15 to “a day before 18” years


A gender therapist with the Kaiser Permanente healthcare organization in Oakland, California admits: “In terms of masculinizing top surgery, I think 12 is the youngest who’s had surgery through our program . . . .”