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Wish he wasn’t a South Carolina state legislator. Southern Democrats tend to be more moderate and generally dismissed by the rest of the party. I doubt this will get much traction. I would love to see him interviewed to find out why he’s picking up this issue.

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Yes, we need the feminists, but Biden fucking OWES the Black Democrats in the south...especially the women. If this man gets shit from rank and file Democrats, there would easily be a backlash from older, Black voters who, frankly, have given, given given to the Democrats and not received much in return.

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Democrats owe the black community a lot. That creepy ass "adults can date young teens" Republican from GA (what was his name?) just barely lost to a dem back in 2018 because black women were out in full force. They pretty much snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, it was incredible.

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Doug Jones in Alabama. My sister volunteered for that campaign. Jones is a good man. His loss in 2020 is awful.