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Trans athletes are rare, after all. Shrier’s scenario — that five children would decide at the same time that they are all trans and all want to compete in the same high school sport — is vanishingly unlikely. There’s also no extant scientific evidence to support the existence of so-called “rapid onset gender dysphoria,” the essential scenario Shrier posed in her Senate testimony, and experts criticized her book, Irreversible Damage, for promoting misinformation on that subject and others.

In the past year, four of my friends have had their daughters decide they are boys. The youngest of those four is in second grade. That’s not even including all the “non-binary” daughters I know. Or the large number of trans-identified teenagers with whom my daughter is friends in real life and the larger number online. But sure, Jan, go on about how ROGD isn’t real. Do you even know any Zoomers?

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There’s ‘no evidence’ (editor should be sacked over allowing that falsehood to go to print - there IS evidence) because serious scientific studies are blocked by institutions who fear TRA backlash!