“I was like, ‘Wait a minute, this is crazy,” Willgohs remembered thinking. “I can actually declare asylum just because I’m trans?’” 

Almost like it's a privilege.

Can they do that?

[–] SlowCollapse 15 points Edited

Anyone's a 'legitimate asylum seeker' if they discard all ID and cross borders illegally. You can't easily prove that they're not fleeing legitimate war or persecution.

Of course, fleeing the US in that way, or any way, over trans issues would be utterly idiotic, when the country is so large and diverse, and relocating within the US would surely be a better option, if they legitimately feel stuck in a high-crime or high-intolerance area.

I think they have to prove they are fleeing a war or persecution, don't they?

It would be an interesting test case at any rate.

[–] Dee 3 points

Yes. Literally anyone can seek asylum in the first safe country they arrive in. Getting it is another story, even if you have a legitimate claim.

[–] assignedpooratbirth trans-wealthy 50 points

“ draconian legislation that criminalizes their very existence,”

The person that wrote this article is a fucking dork. No, being told you can’t use the women’s room doesn’t “criminalize your existence.” Use the other bathroom.

It’s just as bad as torture, murder, rape, or any other human rights violation, if not worse!- not getting to use the woman’s bathroom. Oh the humanity!

Sweden is reversing course because the evidence doesn’t stack up for mutilating troubled kids. Canada remains stubborn for now but I don’t think it’ll be that way forever. Maybe TRAs should go and seek asylum in, you know, an actual asylum, where they can be counseled away from their delusion, or segregated away from normal people who do face a threat from their deviant paraphilia.

Real question, what are trans people so upset about? They're not hunted down and beaten and killed on the streets in the USA. Thank God, of course.

It's also not like it was 40 or 50 years ago when trans women were forced to work as street prostitutes or nightclub entertainers because they couldn't get gainful employment elsewhere. Trans people are mostly mainstream. They're able to to get jobs. They're able to get housing. They're able to get married to a partner of either sex.

Medical transition is not being threatened for adults at all. As far as I know, no one is proposing outlawing hormones or surgeries for legal adults. So what's preventing them from living their lives happily and safely in the USA?

This perplexes me as well. How are they collectively gaslighting themselves into false statistics? and believing themselves with such religious fervor?

I can understand how the impressionable children and teenagers are being whipped up into a state of terror by TRAs, but the adults should know better. They must know that they've never had it better in society than they do right now.

Easy, if they say it long enough, they are starting to believe their own bullshit and fearmongering. Their whole ideology is built upon this principle.

I think they all think they're in danger of being murdered at any moment. Or driven to suicide somehow, as they believe nearly half of trans people kill themselves?

There have been a few legal proposals recently to restrict medical transition to 26+, and others to remove all government funding from intitutions that have any hand in medical transition for anyone. Regardless of whether it's asylum worthy, that being implemented would mean people would have to leave the state/country in order to medically transition.

These people are insufferable.

Yeah go to Canada seems like a win-win to me.

[–] Alexiares 1 points Edited

I suppose it would if you're not Canadian or otherwise a sane citizen (i.e. permanent resident, Indigenous person) living here having to deal with them. The local variants are bad enough because they think the Doophine has given them license to do whatever they want.

From my understanding, it is hard to immigrate to Canada. You need to be a skilled laborer, not a sporadic hourly worker living off GoFundMe funds. They are going to let in a whole mass of unemployed trans people that will drain their system.

I heard a lot of Indian student are getting in on student visas easily. They get some random degree from a diploma mill but instead of studying they work (legally or illegally?). Could this work for uneducated, unskilled Americans?

Oh please no

[–] Korok 👹 problem? 1 points

You can come to America in their place, we’re totally cool just trust me bro.


I thought gender asylum might be for, say, women at risk for honor killings or state sanctioned rape/murder for wearing the hijab wrong

Check your priorities! Maybe, after all the brave and stunning trans women have been rescued from the nightmare of thinking someone is thinking about them in the wrong way, there might be a space or two for stinky, boring cis women. But it will probably be needed for transwomen to put their maidenly accoutrements; better not risk it. Again, priorities.

If only there was some way to accommodate the TIMs who fantasize about being ‘punished’ for wearing their something wrong

It’s so unfair that the cis women take up all the fun


Yeah, I'm sure that there are a ton of countries eager to let manifestly mentally ill people who are also lifelong medical patients requiring thousands of dollars worth of "gender affirming" treatments into their borders.

Not to mention that a ton of TIMs are 50 or older, which alone disqualifies you from emigrating to a lot of places. And every TIP is so fucking narcissistic that they want to force all of society to play along with their fetish, so you know there's no way in hell that they'd make any effort to learn the local language and culture in an effort to become a valued member of their new society.


"Hi, I'm a 22 year old with crippling anxiety and body dysmorphia who has been taking steroids since puberty. Between dealing with my mental health problems and obtaining cosmetic surgeries, I may have managed to secure a humanities degree from a low-tier American college. I want to get more surgeries and take steroids more, preferably using your national health service. I will quit any job where my feelings are hurt. I only speak English."


"Hi, I'm a 55 year old ex-military man who watches >3 hours of pornography every day. I harbor seething resentment toward my ex wife and have most of my money in crypto so she can't touch it for child support. I want to move to your country so I can get a tit job and retire. I only speak English."

A+ applications.

[–] Tq231442 Cervix owner 10 points

Stop roasting them they're already fucking dead 🤣💀

The audacity of their entitlement never ceases to amaze me. It’s just plain unethical to waste resources for people fleeing actual violence. As if these privileged Americans don’t have plenty of options that the average impoverished third world refugee could only dream of. Apply for a work visa or something, Zoey Sparklenuts.

Where? Iran?

Being forced to wear the hijab will be really affirming for them; euphoria all day long.

Let’s see how long their little game of dress up lasts there. Must be nice to be able to be a woman only when it’s convenient…

People are being executed there for protests as we speak. Better not get out there with the trans flag shouting for queer rights. They'll be toast.

Don't threaten actual women with a good time.

All of you trans woMEN : GO. Threaten other people's girls and women in areas that are supposed to be segregated by sex (NOT "gender") for a damned good reason. See what that gets you , in at least some of the semi-sane corners of the world.

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