I might get some hate for this. But this current misogynistic nonsense on college campuses is a direct result of left wingers tolerating these same tactics against figures like Ann Coulter, Steven Crowder, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, etc speaking at colleges 10+ years prior. Just like those conservative speakers predicted, stifling the free speech of conservatives (and liberals who went against the grain on one or two trendy issues) eventually trickled down to feminists being assaulted and silenced when men in lipstick became the trendy ""oppressed"" group

I agree. This was never an acceptable response to peaceful speech, no matter how much protestors might hate the content of that speech.

They are getting closer to domestic terrorism at these public events, while law enforcement stands by doing nothing.

Its been this way on college campuses for well over a decade. Its just that most people on the left didn't care because these insane mobs only targeted conservatives and Jews before trans took over everything

I was there. There were four of us trying to get into the talk. Over 100 protesters. Didn't see a single campus security guard or police till we got outside.

Which is especially shocking considering the history and current practices of police in Montreal

When are people going to realize this is just men oppressing women as per usual? What if the talk was about mens rights vs trans rights?

Lastly, if trans rights are so important to protect, and so badly requiring protection like they say they are, surely it would hold up to the scrutiny of a debate then?

Why do they fear open honest debate?

I know I can defend my stance on being a "terf", so why can't they defend their stance on their opinions?

Wait, wait, wait. They can't be lying about all of it can they?

Also Celeste, long pink hair does not a woman make. That Adams apple sure tells us what sex you are though. Another angry incel male shutting down women centred talks? Shocking. Surely a trans woman would want to make sure her womanly rights remain intact? No? Funny that.

The speaker who was targeted in this incident was a man. If it had been a woman giving the same talk, the mob likely would have behaved worse

The protest was organized by trans activist Celeste Trianon, who said she was 'surprised, shocked and disgusted' by the subject of the talk.

'I feel like there's such a tragic irony where someone who is actively working toward dismantling human rights toward one of the most marginalized groups ... How such an event can be hosted at the McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism,' she told CTV.

She added that the talk would lead to the deaths of trans people.

So melodramatic.

If simply discussing female civil rights leads to the death of trans people, than maybe trans people aren't fit for this earth. Why does Mr Celeste think its incumbent on women to sacrifice our rights, safety, and lives for the sake of trans people? Oh right! Its because he's an entitled, sexist MAN who thinks women only exist to serve as emotional support animals (and fuck toys) for men like him.

Also, LOL at trans people being "the most marginalized group". This dude probably calls his mom a "nazi" when she buys him the wrong flavor of Hot Pockets

These are frustrated men who long for battle. They are chafing at the mediocrity and boredom of their privileged lives and desperately want to prove themselves by conquering enemies in battle.

Their male urges are understandable, but also act as further proof of how unwomanly they really are.

That is so very well said! I wish we could send them off to fight battles on Mars or something . . .

It's just depressing that the Mail is the only media reporting these stuff without bias.

BTW, that "Celeste" asshole is a guy. But the article uses "she".

Yes, the world has gone nuts when I have to go to the DailyMail to find out what is happening in the world!!!

BTW, that "Celeste" asshole is a guy. But the article uses "she"

I think The Mail has to use trans peoples' preferred pronouns because of "hate crime" laws in the UK

Yes all media are doing that now. I just wanted everyone here to be clear that asshole is a man.

She(sic) added that the talk would lead to the deaths of trans people.

Ah yes, words can kill when they politely disagree. Unlike the old children's rhyme, "...words will never hurt me."

Undermining the human rights of trans people does not benefit any member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community

Please stop adding letters. Please stop adding letters. Please stop adding letters.

That leader is ridiculous. Outside in the snow in a sleeveless shirt and he's a student at UdM, not even McGill.