A member of AL posted asking for a statement on a mod called NEKOSUNE, who’s married to that Aimee person. Instead of addressing the issue they have now gone private and banned several members for wanting this person to be kicked off the mod team

A member of AL posted asking for a statement on a mod called NEKOSUNE, who’s married to that Aimee person. Instead of addressing the issue they have now gone private and banned several members for wanting this person to be kicked off the mod team


He mods for 67 subs. One is called LGBT_kidszone.

Are kids even allowed on Reddit?

There's probably a very high percentage of LARP'ing pedos in these subs.

Lol yeah note to the perverts out there if someone claims to be an 11 year-old girl but continues to reply back to you after you make insinuations to your dick...I’m sorry for you to report, but that is a man.

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When it was more obscure still there were barely any children. Now my guess is that every second comment is someone under 20 and it sucks ass, both because most of those teenagers are horribly stupid, arrogant and male and secondly because it's literally a giant porn site which makes these mostly male kids even more degenerate than they already are.

One of the more horrifying things i saw in the old debate sub was a 13yo TIF who posted photos of her double mastectomy. That is technically child porn (i didn't click but saw the thumbnail)

I had no idea how bad the internet is for kids these days. Almost makes me want to start teaching a class. Class: keep kids off the internet unless supervised. The end.

I've seen a lot of minors asking questions on lgbt and trans subs about medical transitioning. The first time I encountered it I was so upset, so I started responding to the kids and telling them not to trust things they read online, to show their parents the information they've found online. And I was immediately banned, even before the kids could see my comments. I didn't even say anything anti-trans. I was simply telling them to involve their parents in their online activities.

People on other subs are being directed to check out the /al mods for the spectacle of the only permissible lesbian sub being run by males, I wonder if they're trying to clean that up in some way or just hide it until this blows over. I'm sure nekosune will be back on a fresh new account or someone's sock though lmao

I know I'm a hopeless optimist but it's been fun watching the internet finally discover what happened to all the canaries in their coal mine.

Every time I see someone mention that AL didn't go dark yesterday, someone else chimes in to point out it's because it's run by men, all the real lesbians get chased out by predators, that one of the men in charge is married to Ashton Challenor, and that these pedophiles conspired to get all other lesbian spaces kicked off the platform for not centering men who fetishize lesbians. Especially when there is ample proof that all of this is true, sometimes in mainstream publications. That this all happened shortly after SuperStraight made people realize that a hell of a lot of TIMs are predatory fucks is just perfect.

It's like the Trans Teflon is finally chipping off.

I used to be a member of that sub before I discovered ovarit. Back then I noticed that women weren’t allowed to speak at all it really is a male owned male dominated sub that masquerades itself as a safe space for women. So glad I’m out of that place for good. I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around the idea that I was in a space where a pedophilic male pretending to be a woman had any power over me, makes me feel kind of violated

Yep, it's basically a vehicle for men with fetishes to groom young lesbians to fuck them at this point. Absolutely appalling. I just saw on another thread that only one of the moderators is actually female.

I was banned from the sub last year, after holding my tongue for years and finally deciding to speak up.

The comment that got me banned was explicitly criticizing the mods for banning lesbians who simply talk about disliking dicks.

I feel the same way. The fact that it’s likely that a male pedo banned me from my supposed safe space, makes me sick.

I was banned last year because of "fear" that I would say something transphobic. I never once said anything transphobic - in fact I never said much of anything because the constant discussion of "girl dick mouth-feel" didn't really do anything for me...

So strange.

Yeah, every time I see someone like "oh whoa wait they're doing WHAT to lesbians?" I feel such a sense of relief. I'm so ready for the enablers to face the truth & let us keep these weirdos out of where they don't belong.

Ugh makes me sick thinking about that freak having any control over women.. well actuallesbians should be renamed actualmales

Right, it's a total sausagefest. Hoping that this wakes up the younger members they're trying to groom into dating them, if there are any left.

It really is a bunch of men trying to force lesbians into like their dicks. It makes me yack when they try calling it a “girl dick” girls don’t have dicks you fool

ActualLesbians ran by males for TIMs is such a big joke, I can't help but laugh. What is the content on there like (never got a chance to check it out myself before)?

A few years ago r/al was mostly young lesbians (and bi women, ace women, etc - basically open to all non-straight women). A lot of its content was fairly innocent memes, lesbian puns, crossposting photos of female celebrities, talking about media with lesbians, there was some annoying aspects and it was open to transbians but it wasn't the worst.

Something seemed to snap a while back and it got a flood of TIMs, idk if it was the r/gc drama or what but the current sub is almost entirely jokes about girldick and posting trans memes with underage anime girls in them. If an actual female posts about liking female anatomy in any way there'll immediately be a bunch of posts crying about how the sub is transphobic and discriminates against their dicks. It's basically r/actualtransbians at this point

It was annoying to see the TIMs insert themselves into conversations and hijack conversations if they didn't feel included. The entitlement was unreal. Then, you also saw some of the girls tripping over themselves trying to accommodate the TIMs and be "educated" so they can "learn how to be better next time". A sad forum. It truly is actualtransbians.

I’d pay good money to watch the shit show that’s probably going on behind the scenes right now. Bunch of creeps fighting over wether to remove the publicly outed one or not.

And I’m very, very excited to see how they’ll explain it when it goes public again.

This is going to peak so many remaining lesbians on the sub and I’m here for it.

me too I’m sad I don’t get to witness the downfall of ActualMales in real time.

Without a doubt their explanation will somehow blame terfs. Lol


And after that there’s going to be a flood of TWAW and fuck TERFs posts. Guaranteed.

actuallesbians? you mean the subreddit that's 99% trans related and bans any mention of actual lesbianism??? shocker

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I'm still so mad that that sub is all dicks all the time and if you don't like it you get banned and if you create your own space for women who love women then it gets deleted.

It really does get to me. It feels like the right is saying I have to take a dick and now the left is too, but for very different reasons. I don't want to take a dick. It's homophobia all around.

The difference is, it's socially acceptable to complain when the average man on the right demands that lesbians "take a dick".

If you make the same complaint but that man is wearing eyeliner and is on the left, your life can be destroyed.

I, for one, am shocked!

I was expecting them to just flat out ignore the situation surprisingly they shutdown temporarily. Eh that place is infected with MTFS anyways but it’s kind of funny to see them hiding

He's deleted his account

Wow... on one hand, I'm happy. On the other, he's probably already created another account that none of us will associate with him.

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Now we need to look at the mod list of the same subs and find which recently added user repeats itself. Or wait for KF to find his new user.

u/LoverOfBubbles, apparently. And I'm sure since that one has been identified he'll ditch that and move on to another...

R/LGBT is down too

Omg. Did you see the subreddit description they posted?

“We are going private to protect our moderators who have not only been harassed but also doxxed. We will open when we are ready and when it feels safe to do so.”

Wtf? Oh no, the poor pedo got harassed? Good!

It's not being "doxxed" if you use your reddit username as your PROFESSIONAL username, and put your real name on it! WTF! When you google nekosune (I was trying to figure out what 'sune' meant, neko is cat) you find all their social media, with their real name on every single account - twitter, professional programming sites, etc. And of course, fetish stuff!

That's not "doxxing".

Yup, doxxing does not take a quick google search ... that is someone wanting to associate their real name with their username, lol. Nothing like real doxxing victims who have people obsessively search for details of their lives. :\

They never once gave a single fuck about keeping women and children safe on the platform, but the second someone identifies one of their own pedos, they get defensive. Really good look, guys.

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