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The self-hatred and self-flagellation was really sad to see. Lesbians are not hateful for being angry what AGPs have done to their community. And detransitioning won't cure dysphoria, but transition doesn't cure it either. The big difference, though, is that you won't have the terrible side effects from synthetic hormones and plastic surgery.

Detransitioning women are not hateful for being angry about how they were misled. They were lied to by many doctors and activists about what was possible from transition. They downplayed the risks, went for the most lucrative treatment first, and yes, they DID con people.

I hope this woman finds peace. I really do. But this read like the remorseful girlfriend going back to her abuser, apologizing for having had the audacity to leave in the first place.

What gets me is while she does say she feels bad about how she acted---she puts the blame completely on other people. First her doctors and peers when she was trans identified, and then when she went back to being trans identified it was radical feminists fault. We are social people and are easily influenced, but at the same time you have to accept responsibility. After transitoning, there must have been something that made her regret it to the point where she sought out other detransitoners and interviewed with The Stranger and 4th wave now. I do think it is shitty to be I regret transitioning and you guys are right, internalized misogyny made me transition; and then have a change of heart and act like evil radical feminists made you feel that way. Also Rad fems are no where near as huge, powerful and influencial as relgions, her parents did not take her to a conversion camp when she was a teen, this is all on her.

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she puts the blame completely on other people.

This is a common thread with young trans people. They're taught that society needs to bend to their desire to be viewed as the opposite sex. And, if people around them aren't 110% affirming, they're told to say, "I'm gonna kill myself and it'll be YOUR FAULT for not accepting me!!!". So of course they believe they have zero responsibility for their behaviors and actions