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The tone reminded me of Amy Dyess - who apparently is now Beau Dyess. Also sounds like the ping-ponging between polar-opposite positions that Maritza/Mark Cummings has done over the years.

BTW, I just looked up Cummings online.Last time I'd done so, she was back to being Mark. Now it seems she's back to being Maritza again and in an OTT way.


She's also found - returned to? - Jesus and has split from her partner. Now she's openly anti-trans and anti-LGB, and railing about "the lust of the flesh," the Devil and so on. A blog entry she posted today:

I am done, it seems the Devil has been really hard at work, I had an argument with my blood sister, she is a Lesbian and can’t stand my ministry and what I stand for now. My ex, continues to live as a trans woman and of coarse gets triggered by me and my guests. This week has been quite the week with Satan and his minions all over me. Well, I say Satan get behind me I rebuke you in the Beautiful and Righteous name of Jesus. I live for him, I don’t care what those in darkness have to say, get in line. I am just saddened that the person I thought I knew has changed and now resorts to lies so that she can live with herself and justify her actions.


This cultish movement seems to attract a lot of unstable people given to religious fervor, fanaticism, all-or-nothing thinking ("splitting"), belief in miracle cures, mortifying the flesh, heaven & hell and so on.

I feel sorry for people like this....and it really shows what a joke our mental health system is. I just looked up Amy Dyess and she looks like another person who went from I am extremely gender critical to gender critical people are completely abusive and forced be to be a woman----

Even if you do think we are a bunch of jerks, it is impossible for us to force people to do anything and these people are giving us WAY to much power. I used to be