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Honestly, this reminds me of ex-Catholics who grew up conservative, became liberal, left the church and then came back after years' long absences more conservative than ever after having contact with the world that doesn't give a shit about the demarcations of their levels of orthodoxy or heresy. It's possibly interesting to insiders and theologians, of passing interest to some, but dead boring to the rest of the world. Call me harsh but I've seen this before in other worlds and it proves that trans is a religion just like the old timey ones.

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Yeah, this reads like a lapsed Catholic returning to the faith more than anything else. It's very sad.

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That’s a good analogy. I didn’t read the whole thing because it’s too long but it is absolutely an insider’s journey. It’s so much in the fringe of various left ideas that it just can’t be relevant for most people. Maybe if you live on the east bay, a place that is never defined there, never explained where it is, so you have to be an insider to have any idea what she’s talking about.

The problem with trans laws is that they do affect everyone. It’s a niche world that wants everyone else to bend to it. The problem with sexism and misogyny is that it does affect all women. I live in a few extra niche worlds and I could t read through all that.

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I couldn't read the whole thing either, very self-referential and insidery. I agree that trans laws affect everyone, and fall harsher on women...as do religious edicts that the old timey religions espouse and make their way into law.

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Ky is not a good writer and it reads very convoluted.

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Also a bit like Jane Roe. She flipped back and forth, possibly for money but also likely due to internal conflict given the incredibly high profile of Roe v Wade and the never ending backlash from it.

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It's interesting, too, that she wrote it during Lent and published it just as we're heading into Easter week - the top time in the Catholic calendar for purification through public displays of self-flagellation.

Coming soon: hairshirt binders.

Yeah, she really comes across as a person that jumps to extremes. I have known a few liberals that were woke to an extreme, for instance they would be white but only shop in Asian or Hispanic places and would make fun of white people. Every single one of them, ended up becoming extremely racist and acted like all liberals hate being white and are extreme social justice warriors--when in reality they made other liberals extremely uncomfortable.