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Ky sounds unbalanced and mentally ill. This person jump's from one extreme to the other. After Ky detransitioned, Ky didn't need to join radical feminist groups. No body forced Ky. It was their choice. Ky is not only horrible to radical feminists but also detrans people. She vilifies whoever is the "opposite". While despising both radical feminists and detransitioners Ky seems to think that they are nevertheless able to speak for both communities. Ky invalidates detransitioners experiences and stories in transgender communities. But then using that logic, why should the rest of the world find Ky's earlier detransition experiences to be valid. Ky was never ever a "true detransitioner". Using Ky's thought process, that means Ky's previous detransition experiences was not true detransitioner's experiences. And therefore Ky does not have a voice and cannot speak on behalf of detransition people.

I have so much compassion for any who is detrans. And from my understanding most detransitioners are understanding and supportive of transitioning, but just that it didn't work for them. They needed more time and safeguards in place while they were in the process of questioning and experimenting with their gender, identity, and sexuality. Detransitioners also deserve to have space to talk about their own feelings and experiences, and it would make sense that they may have some feelings against transgender ideology and identity politics. Not all detransitioners support radical feminism. Ky see's everything in black and white, and it seems like struggles with critical thinking. Or maybe Ky needs a lot attention and jumps to whatever side will give them that much craved attention and validation.

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I like your summary and I agree. This person is mentally unbalanced and swaying between extremes. I kept waiting to find out what the conclusion was going to be, but there was none that I could find.

One would hope that having gone the trans route and then the de-trans route a person would arrive with more empathy towards both situations. Instead there is this polar opposite response. One line of thinking at war with another line of thinking.

There is this impression at the end of this long bit of writing that this person considers themself equally male and female. Ky states not being interested in physically changing, but I could not tell if that was a past consideration or if physical transitioning is something in Ky's future.

I really think the pendulum is going to swing again. So in Ky's history there is announcing being trans, announcing being de-trans and now announcing being ?not de-trans? - ?de-trans failure? I am not sure and I don't really get the idea that Ky is sure either. All I really got from that read was that Ky feels dysphoria.

I think you are right that Ky wants attention and validation.

She still uses female pronouns and says she is a detrans woman...take that what you will. I also get the impression she sees herself as both a man and a woman.