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Maritza is trans depending on if her ex is in her life or not. She seems happiest and most honest when she's away from him and in her religious phase. I know that's not very rad fem of me, but I think she should just stick with her religious community.

When she's away from her husband, she's extremely insightful, informative, and frank. Not cruel, but she tells the whole truth, even stuff other detrans people either miss or haven't discovered yet.

Should she be anti-LGB too? No, but I can see how she feels LGBT as a package has been a big negative in her life. I try to remember that I never got to see the dark side of the community. Being a Pentecostal sure is rough, but it may have been less toxic to her over the years. If she could learn to love herself as a GNC woman, that would be ideal. But it's so hard to do.

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She also, ironically, has less opportunity to hurt others as an adherent to a traditional religion since everyone knows what Christians are selling and is free to take it or leave it. Transgender is more of an unknown that people don't know how to protect themselves from and is more authoritarian in its expectations of non-believers.

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Yeah. Typically, Christians don't recommend radically altering your body for any reason. Technically, you're not even supposed to get tattoos, though this is frequently ignored.

Christians operate on the assumption that non-believers are.....non-believers. When they don't have government control, they accept this as a fact of life.