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This is one of those wow-just-wow articles. I love me some NPR, but they are unsurprisingly pious orthodox genderist.

Some questions I would ask the author if I could:

  • Why do you frame disruption of endogenous puberty as "medical treatment"? The developmental delays and hormonal imbalances caused by these "treatments" would in fact necessitate medical intervention if they occurred in a child or teenager who did not identify as trans. Wouldn’t fair and balanced journalism acknowledge the known and suspected health risks associated with pubertal blockade and medical transition?

  • Why do you present a seventeen-year-old as the sympathetic face of the "trans youth" affected by this bill without acknowledging that the bill also affects much younger minors, whom most of us would call "children" rather than "youths"? Sure, it's easier to defend a seventeen-year-old taking a "low dose" of testosterone than it is to defend thirteen-year-olds getting elective mastectomies and ten-year-olds being locked in a prepubescent state with off-label cancer drugs. But if you don't feel entirely comfortable defending those latter two things, then you shouldn't have written this article.

  • Speaking of your sympathetic trans youth: Syrus' origin story doesn’t ring any alarm bells for you? Doesn't raise any red flags? Let's recap: a thirteen-year-old female, uncomfortable with her changing body, does lots of "research" online and comes out the other end identifying as trans. If you look at the narrative surrounding "trans kids" up until fairly recently, it was "they always knew": the "trans kid" was presented as radically gender nonconforming and distressed with his/ her natal sex from a very young age. As I see it, labelling GNC kids as trans amounts to gay eugenics, so it's not that I think this is the better narrative, but don't you think it's interesting how the goalposts have moved: the "proof" of transness now resides in pubescent malaise, and instead of "I always knew" it's "I found out from the internet."

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*Now that he's transitioning, she sees him becoming more confident and social, with good friends.

"He's more himself," Saunée says. "He's happy. You know, he's like a big kid. He'll still sit on my lap and cuddle up with me, and those are things he wasn't doing before."

So much EWWWWW.

Yes, that was disturbing! What teenage girl wants to sit on her mother’s lap and cuddle, let alone a teenage “boy”? And this woman is a teacher.

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Wow. The mom should know that’s weird for either sex at that age.

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"He's more himself," Saunée says. "He's happy. You know, he's like a big kid. He'll still sit on my lap and cuddle up with me, and those are things he wasn't doing before." So much EWWWWW.

Yuck. That gave me some DeeDee Blanchard vibes!

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These were almost the exact thoughts I had this morning when I heard the story on the radio. Also, all of the “support” for the bill was edited to sound like typical right wing snippets. They were all men. Nothing to suggest this is anything more than your typical southern homophobia.

ETA: Also nothing about Lupron and what it’s on-label use is.

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Rings all the alarm bells. Every single one. Every doctor I know (and I'm a woman) will not prescribe hormones "because you're depressed and don't feel like your body is right" without doing a hormone panel and trying to determine if you have a deficiency. Imagine saying this to your doctor!

And yep, every time. The amount of people I've read online (even older and female) saying "they just found out they were trans" "I was so relieved when I realized I was actually NB/Trans" is huge in the last few years. Even with women I've known (of) online for years who were never trans before, who aren't teens, and usually have met TIMs online just before coming to this conclusion. Those are ADULTS, why is it ACLU level alarm bell worthy when they're kids? Why is this even being reported on without the other side of the story?

GC: peak because you believe in actual science and feminism, stay & keep peaking because they keep saying transing kids on the internet is a "human right"!

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you know what'll be even more hurtful? if you were allowed to become a guinea pig for a botched experimental medical procedure which would leave your body completely fucked up before you even hit your 20s & turn you into a lifetime medical patient. kids will always complain that they want to do stuff that they can't do. they don't get that it's for their own good.

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Whoa!! Just read further on this.

Got his information from the internet. Good source: "That's where the Internet comes in. Hall spent long nights online doing research to figure out who he is, and ultimately, over time, he came out as trans to his family."

And clearly, mom has no boundaries. Mom is happy because a 17 year old girl taking drugs to transition now sits on her lap again.
"He's more himself," Saunée says. "He's happy. You know, he's like a big kid. He'll still sit on my lap and cuddle up with me, and those are things he wasn't doing before."

I'm sorry, but my 17 year old son never sat on my lap and cuddled. Just the thought is uncomfortable. And I come from a very loving and physically demonstrative family.

There is so much wrong here, I just can't.

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This reminds me of other transition stories where the background is full of in-your-face identifiable TRAUMA. A kid who loses a parent while a prepubescent. A serious illness which really throws a family into chaos. That kind of thing. It's like, "I am not a professional, but shouldn't you deal with the fall-out and repercussions of these enormous life events and see how stuff shakes out instead of just putting on a blindfold and saying, yeah, you're definitely the opposite sex"?

For instance, I know LOTS of parents who are going through teenage girls in the ROGD model, but I only know, personally, of a single prepubescent girl who is being transed by her parents. And, in between the older sister and the birth of the younger girl, there was a pregnancy which was a boy and he died when born very prematurely. This is a known fact of this family's life -- the mother was VERY public about it (no shade for that) and it was a really crushing trauma and loss for her and her husband. As, really, losing a child just is and should be.

But literally EVERYONE who knows that knows that she is MAKING HER TOMBOY DAUGHTER (who only wanted short hair and loved getting dirty and refused to wear dresses, even though her parents offered all kinds of hand-me-downs to their kids) and wanted them to use a self-chosen nickname.

It's a God damned tragedy, is what it is. The mom should be in therapy to help move past her loss, not turning her little kid into a same-sex replacement of her dead son.

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Yeah, like....i still kiss my mother so maybe i shouldn't judge....but sitting on laps once you're grown is preeeeeeetty weird.

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That poor kid was probably bullied and thought transitioning would offer a cure for that, but it has gotten worse. And the denial of reality in which "the state" tells minors they can't drink, smoke, watch porn or enlist in the military seems to have completely escaped any "thinking" this minor is doing. This is really sad. My heart aches for this kids who has been lied to, manipulated and probably groomed by adult males who have bad intentions.

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"pEoPLe BuLLyiNg mE jUsT bEcAuSe i ExiSt"

That's pretty much the idea of bullying girl. You exist. You're not special. Neither are you a boy.

But good job learning the cult's mantras.