Here in the US it's no mystery. Our politicians are paid and obedient to their highest donors.

"Trans extremists have developed a sense of impunity, threatening women’s legal rights, women’s spaces and now our physical safety. Trans activism is a monster — and the people who looked the other way while this new species of misogyny took root should be thoroughly ashamed"

Well, if you cannot debate the issue, or appeal to the better nature of those who should be listening, perhaps it is time to shame.

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It is a monster, and the deeper I understand it the more absolutely horrified I am. It's everything evil all rolled under one repulsive degenerate rainbow banner.

The fact that they use gay rights and gains in that social arena as a shield is ultra nasty.

I mean, they steal and appropriate every other civil rights movement too, but I remember Obergefell V Hodges as a teen and gay acceptance I feel is getting pushback because of trans degeneracy.

I’m straight but this is how it looks from the outside

No, I think you're right. I am seeing a LOT of people, and I mean a LOT, talking about how they used to support LGBT but apparently the slippery slope is not a fallacy.

yes. Sometimes I cannot take in anymore information, and have to take a break. It is all so despicable.

Thank you for empathizing. I always knew it was questionable, but it's just...I have no words. It's been making me physically ill lately, I probably really need to take a break from the internet tbh. I'm not a terribly religious woman but I feel like I need to go bask in the immutable goodness of some deity or something to cleanse myself from TRA filth.

It is very male to try to silence with violence and no one is talking about it.

Women have been talking about it for yonks, but few listen, or they listen and don't care a bit.I

In the Mail Online on 20th January, Tom Utley was writing about the "modern theory that a boy can turn into a girl or a girl into a boy, simply if that's what he or she wishes."

He wrote this astonishingly dismissive sentence, "I may risk exaggerating how important this is, since only a very small minority is affected."

No Mr Utley, globally, millions of women are and will be adversely affected. We are not a small minority.

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Trans activism is certainly a monster, but somehow they managed to paint the women who speak against it as vile, evil monsters, aka terfs.

It hardly takes any time to figure it out either. I went from knowing nothing about this stuff and knowing only the most basic stuff about trans people and harbouring no bad feelings towards them (never even heard TWAW), to knowing everything about the movement in a few days after JKR posted her tweet in dec 2019. It's all there in the open and it's obvious af.

People have to constantly be choosing, over and over and over again to turn blind eye to the raging misogyny of the movement if they are actively engaging with it.

Of course politicians have other motivations (getting re-elected, the party line, financial sponsors etc), and what stances they take may not be reflective at all of what they truly think, but it's a shame more of them don't have a backbone to protect women from the trans movement.

They're not blind. They just choose to stand up for men (who claim to be women) instead of women. It's just your bog standard patriarchy and misogyny.

It's up to women – once again – to suffer the consequences, do the legwork and get the evidence to "prove" the misogyny. Then over the next ten years or so, we can agree to add TRAs to the list of misogynist things. Every big and small sexist thing has to go through this process of persistent feminist activism, no self-reflection required from anyone. A TERFs work never ends.

this is how it happens a slow drip drip into acceptability, we could absolutely have a Taliban situation here all it takes is the drip drip, for example, men rape women, but women lie so who knows how many accusations are real, the conviction rate is only 1% but then women lie so its tricky to know how to get the guilty without locking up innocent men, a police man raped 12 women thats really bad but if a man gets accused of rape we should give him the benefit of the doubt until its proven because women lie.

women are just as susceptible as men to the slow creep of prejudice, the oh both sides are as bad as each other, the oh women lie, women are gold diggers, men maybe violent but women are more manipulative, thats how it happens the dehumanization, the slow drip of doubt, the slow creep of victim blame.

They're not blind to it. They just don't care. They don't care if women suffer as long as they can latch on to this trendy new thing and collect political donations from queer/trans activist groups and Big Pharma

This is so true - even the Republicans, if they find a way to make money from trans medicine, will change their tune - looking at Christi Noem. $$$$

With Biden, however, I often think it's a personal thing as he's friends w/ that TiM Sarah...OR one of them know where he buried a body.

And lets be honest, we now live in this purity culture where people would rather be woke and go along with party think than do the right thing. Nobody wants to take a stand and be the bad guy especially when it's against the very people who are supposed to be 'the good guys'..