So amazing that over and over, the officials making the decisions seem COMPLETELY BLIND to the safety needs and concerns of incarcerated women. Why not put all these trans-identified males together, in the MEN'S prisons, which have much larger budgets and staff than the women's prisons? Would they still be at risk of assault, do you think? These inmates are a subset of MEN, not WOMEN. This seems so obvious to me. Or designate one of the 34 prisons in CA for transgender inmates specifically. That is the obvious solution, it seems to me.

Making a trans wing in a male prison wouldn’t work out. Not because of funding issues - the United States has more than enough money for the prison system - but because creating such a wing would eliminate the need for one in the first place.

Think about it. Many of the men who transition while incarcerated do so to gain access to vulnerable women. Some of these men have openly bragged about this. Trans units in male prisons defeat the whole purpose of “transition” for these men - there’s nothing in it for them, they won’t “transition”, and therefore no need for specialized wings.

The only issue i see with this is prisoners do have the right to be located somewhat close to their relatives/loved ones to facilitate visiting.

This institutional reversal has stranded numerous trans and gender-nonconforming detainees in dangerous, male housing units for weeks or months on end, subjecting many to egregious forms of physical and sexual violence

"dangerous, male housing units": From this article, it is clear that Rikers is a dangerous place. This is a male problem. It is up to men to solve it.

And the men bring their problems to the women's prison:

One female captain at Rikers who spoke to THE CITY on the condition of anonymity pointed out that last year Bronx prosecutors convicted a trans woman [sic] for sexually assaulting another female detainee. “I’ve been there that long and I’ve seen some of them really change,” she said, referring to trans women [sic]. “I’m going to say 80% of them really tries to. They take their hormones and they go for the surgery. And then you have the other 20%, like ‘Mhm-mmm, no, you’re just there to take advantage of the females.’”

The majority of the frontline staff “see a lot of transgender people, a lot of transgender women [sic] as men,” agreed one high-ranking former DOC official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity citing concerns about professional reprisal.

Because they are MEN.

“I know that I’m being loved and being cared for in the way that I want and I desire."

FFS, this sounds like a post Gwyneth Paltrow made on GOOP after visiting her favorite spa! Fuck your "wants" and "desires"!

It warms my heart that Adams' bureaucracy isn't rushing to affirm TIM criminals.

It's just wild how little they think of, or care at all, about the biological women in jail. It's alllll about the needs of the delicate, special trans women who need to be separated from the other biological men. These fun and of course, totally harmless, "ladies" make the jail unit ever so spunky and funky with fashion shows, tying up jail t-shirts into crop tops and somehow, they even find glitter! No need to address the needs of those boring Karens who are locked in with them, no way. The real woman who was sexually abused from birth and who is now puking on herself while withdrawing from drugs to escape trauma is a real bummer, let's talk more about Venus and Mimi and their crop tops!

Oh btw, "Tamera" in that photo, does not, at all, look genuinely scared.

This article was posted on the NY mag site at 6 am and there is only one comment now, 12 hours later. Reader apathy?

Besides the total lack of concern for women prisoners, the piece shows a total lack of concern for all the other men who get raped in prison or who feel unsafe in prison.

Hosting a ball seems really strange to me. Surely maybe a holiday party, but a ball in a single-sex environment? Though, i'm all for letting inmates paint murals and forming emotional support groups.

This doesn't align with what i've previously read about Rikers. It the overcrowding is so severe they should be focused on that. And remember, this is a jail, not a prison. These people are not getting speedy trials and may be innocent.

I don't know how to feel about that female service coordinator leaving in protest. She' mainly hurting herself. And like now she can't help them at all.

And the issue is with those guards who just stood by while the inmate was groped. There is no mention if they'll be investigated or if there responsibilities of what types of interactions to get involved with will change.

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Hosting a ball seems really strange to me. Surely maybe a holiday party, but a ball in a single-sex environment?

A ball in gay male transvestite culture isn't the same as a heterosexual fancy-dress dance like a debutante balls, a ball in a19th century novel, or a ball in Cinderella or other fairy tales.

A ball in gay male culture is more like a fashion show-talent contest-drag show. It's an event where the participants dress up in their laydee outfits and then one by they take a walk around the room voguing, prancing and sashaying - and/or they take to to the stage lip synching like in a standard drag show. As depicted in the 1991 documentary "Paris Is Burning" and the more recent TV series "Pose."

You're probably right, since they were doing acts for it. I don't remember it being called a ball in Paris is Burning, but it's been a super long time since i saw it.