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Saved this article for later. Love it. I wish I didn’t have to limit discussions like this to little “safe spaces”, but I guess when the “mafia/thought police” are controlling discourse what else do you do.

As a once feral tomboy child who looked a lot like that picture (minus the mullet - I had a bowl cut 🙈 which is no better but almost as iconic for the time), I know if I was that way now what the adults around me would want to do to me… not that I didn’t have problems with the adults then nagging me about wearing more dresses or not to wear ripped clothes or why can’t I just look nice and brush your hair more and be bubbly and outgoing like little Ashley over there.

We now live in an infantile, padded world where everyone is treated as fragile and in need of protection from potential upset. But this cosseting is more harmful than what it seeks to prevent. It places experience itself on hold, the very process that allows everyone to understand that life is frequently unfair and upsetting, but also shows them how to deal with it.

Thats good writing.

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"Tomboys." Emerging lesbians. Girls who don't want to be cast into submissive and irrelevant roles. Insecure girls who were never in any way gender non-conforming. Trans comes for them all. Questioning your gender is now a rite of passage you must go through, along with puberty and periods. How many of those who do so actually come out deciding they're girls? No matter their interests or personalities or personal aesthetic preferences, they're girls and not ashamed of it?